A little more about me...

I live in a cosy cottage in Perth, Australia with my darling man, and our cat and dog. I love spending time nature, soulful chats, moving my body, reading, exploring new places, cooking nourishing food, getting creative, and having plenty of fun while I’m at it. I love working for myself and I run my business from my beautiful home office.

Several years ago, you wouldn’t have recognised me. I was in a constant struggle against my body and my true self and I punished myself by following fad diets, counting calories, taking diet pills, depriving myself, binge eating, purging, and over-exercising and generally trying to be someone I just wasn't. I felt trapped in this exhausting vicious cycle and I was constantly beating myself up for it.

I was hanging out with my inner critic 24/7 – stuck in self doubt, negative self talk, and self sabotage. I thought I needed to be different and look different so I would be accepted and loved. I played the victim and blamed everyone else for my problems. I would drink and party to avoid admitting to myself that I wasn't happy.

Around this time I started studying my Honours Degree in Psychology at the University of Western Australia, where I learned about tools like mindfulness and meditation, and techniques for changing unhelpful thought patterns. I used myself as a guinea pig – applying everything I learned to my own life. I discovered yoga as a great stress reliever and fell in love with exercise. I started to feel that nudge from my intuition, guiding me towards a more loving way of living (although it took me a long time to really trust and follow it!).

I noticed that I started to feel calmer and more peaceful. I didn’t get caught up in over-thinking, procrastination, or self sabotage. I was more motivated and focused. Food was no longer an obsession – I started to eat for nourishment rather than to control my body.

By 2014 I had completed my Psychology degree and my Health Coach qualification with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York. I took some time off from my job as a therapist and I took off to Bali to spend three months living in Ubud. Ubud is a spiritual hub – it’s often referred to as the heart chakra of the world. During my stay, I mentored with amazing spiritual teachers who trained me in intuitive coaching techniques and powerful transformation tools.

In my private sessions , online program, events, speaking appearances, videos, and articles I combine these spiritual and energetic techniques with my training in psychology and wellness coaching to make them accessible and easy to implement.

My mission is to guide women from inner critic to inner peace.

My purpose is to bridge the gap between knowing that you could feel more amazing and actually living your most amazing life.