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About Amelia

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It’s wonderful to see you here!

I’m Amelia and I am a coach, speaker, writer, and meditation teacher. I'm the creator of the Soul Sisterhood group mentoring program, the Inner Peace Party events and the founder and director of Exhale Mindfulness Studio. It is my mission to guide women on the journey from inner critic to inner peace and to bridge the gap between knowing what would make you feel great, and actually doing it!

You might know your inner critic already – it’s that self-sabotaging, self doubting, voice of fear that is often playing on repeat in the back of your mind. And if you’re not aware of it, it’s probably running your life without you realising.

A great way to tell if your inner critic is getting too much airtime is if you can identify any of the following in your life:

  • comparison
  • perfectionism
  • over thinking
  • social anxiety
  • self doubt
  • procrastination and low motivation
  • negative self talk
  • low confidence or self esteem
  • self sabotage
  • judgement, blaming or criticism
  • a feeling of not being enough or not having enough
  • emotionally reactive


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I'm here to help you tame that inner critic and find blissful inner peace...

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In my work, I combine my background in psychology and wellness coaching with intuitive and energetic techniques to give my clients the practical, emotional, and spiritual tools they need to find inner peace and live their dream life.

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Imagine waking up every day feeling inspired and excited.

Imagine overflowing with love, generosity, and energy.

Imagine finding your passion and purpose.

Imagine enjoying inspiring relationships, a fulfilling career, and an abundant life. 

These are the places that inner peace will take you.

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