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Amelia Harvey Background and Qualifications

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A litte about my background + qualifications...

When I was 17, my Mum took me along to my first yoga class. I was slowly coming out the other end of several years of being a rather angsty, grumpy, pain-in-the-ass teenager and I remember the feeling of peace I got after my first class - it was something totally new.

Yoga was my first introduction to mindfulness and meditation through movement and stillness. It's when I first started to realise that I could sit back and watch my thoughts, without being my thoughts. 

I've been fascinated by how the mind works and how we can be our best ever since. I enrolled in a bachelor of Psychology at the University of Western Australia and fell in love with positive psychology (the study of human flourishing) and mindfulness based therapy techniques. I attended my first meditation course and did every mindfulness related extracurricular I could get my hands on, I was hooked! I went on to do my Honours year - my thesis was on decision making and habit forming where I focused on getting a deeper understanding of how we can bridge the gap that tends to exist between what we want to do and what we actually do. 

When I graduated, I got a job working as a therapy assistant with children on the Autism spectrum which I loved. But I was hungry to delve deeper into how we can live out best lives and how I could support people to do that so, while I worked, I studied Health and Wellness Coaching.

I loved what I was learning and started the first (rather ugly + clunky) version of my blog to share my favourite tools and techniques for happiness, effortless motivation, and taming that sneaky inner critic. I started to develop my connection to my spirituality - I've always been very intuitive and make most of my decisions based on my gut feeling! I started regular journalling and using oracle cards and energetic tools to deal with emotions, stress, and the general ups and downs of my early 20s (read: breakups, changing friendships, body image stuff, self doubt, anxiety) and for the first time, felt like I really knew myself and stared to understand what I wanted out of life. 

My first coaching clients were my colleagues and friends - as my client numbers grew, I dropped back to part time at my job. I loved doing work that felt truly on purpose to me and, keen to develop my meditation practice and coaching skills, I set off for 3 months in Ubud, Bali.

While I was in Bali, I continued coaching my clients via Skype and immersed myself in every spiritual and personal development course I could get my hands on. I mentored and worked with with a variety of meditation teachers, energy healers, intutive coaches. I grew in ways I could ever have imagined in my time in Bali and returned home to Perth feeling aligned to my purpose and bursting to share what I had learned.

In October 2014, I launched The Soul Sister Sessions - my womens group mentoring program. I took over 100 women through the in-the-flesh program in small groups of 4-8 and (after many requests from far and wide) launched the online version of the course in 2015. The Soul Sisterhood is the latest incarnation of the program - it's ongoing, online mentoring. I had that many requests for a follow up program to The Soul Sister Sessions and heard so many 'I don't want it to be over!'s when we wrapped up that I wanted to given women the chance to join a community that will support them for as long as they need. The Soul Sisterhood is a place to continuously grow and learn - think of it as all the self-help books, personal development workshops, individual coaching and a tribe of like-minded besties rolled into one, all geared towards helping you live your most amazing life and fall in love with being YOU. 

While many people firmly plant themselves in the science camp or the spirituality camp, I tend to have one foot in each. I like to stay up to date on the latest findings and research on how we can flourish and find happiness and I use many evidence-based techniques in my work. I also believe that there are many things science doesn't yet have the language for and that honing our intuition and healing on an energetic level are important pieces of the puzzle that is living our most beautiful, purposeful, abundant and peaceful life. 

If you'd like some guidance and support to create yours, head over here to learn about working with me or read my blog and watch my videos here. 


professional bio

Amelia Harvey is a life coach and meditation teacher who empowers women to connect with their intuition, uncover their true purpose, and embrace their inner goddess. 

Combining her Honours Degree in Psychology and wellness coaching qualifications with intuitive and energetic healing techniques, Amelia gives women the practical, emotional, and spiritual tools they need to get clear on what they want, and take action to bring their dreams to life. Amelia’s powerful results based approach looks at underlying blocks and motivators to get to the root cause of issues. Her positive impact is illustrated by the many glowing testimonials she has received from her tribe of over fifteen thousand women.

Amelia also works with passionate new coaches and online business owners, supporting them as they create a successful business and make their big ideas a reality.

Through her private coaching, group mentoring programs, and live events, Amelia guides open-hearted women to nurture their soul and find their feminine amidst busy schedules and fast-paced days. 
Amelia believes that you don’t need willpower, discipline, or sacrifice to live the life of your dreams - you simply need to know how to get out of your own way. 
Find Amelia on her website, in her Happy Healthy Inner Peace Facebook Group and on Instagram @amelia_harvey.