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Some important lessons I've learnt lately

It feels like there’s a whole lot happening in my world at the moment so I thought I’d take a moment to write a bit of an update.

As you might have seen on my Instagram, I’ve been working with some pretty uncomfortable neck, shoulder, and back pain on my right side for the last few weeks. It’s been a big lesson in slowing down and taking things off my plate when I need to. It’s also been a huge reminder that when it comes to looking after ourselves, prevention is so important – moving forward I’ll be keeping consistent with the therapies and rehab that needs to happen instead of stopping when I feel fine like I have in the past, only for things to flare up again. Working at my desk or sitting for long periods is what triggers the pain– I’m now very conscious of taking regular movement breaks through out my day. I’m also looking forward to setting up a standing desk in the new house once renovations are done! (For house progress pics, check out my Instagram @amelia_harvey_).

I’ll be taking it a little slower while I’m on the mend, and gently get back into creation mode. I am working with my beautiful friend and graphic designer extraordinaire Mel to create an amazing new website, hooray! She’s also helping me design some beautiful new downloads for you, including a completely new (and seriously gorgeous) Words to Inspire printable (that will still be 100% free) as well as a journaling guide and more! Getting Mel on board has meant far less time sitting at the computer which means a happier back (and a happier me!).

After many emails and messages, I’m also working on bringing The Soul Sister Sessions online – I am adapting the sessions to a one-on-one format so that you can take part in a personalised program via Skype and I’ve also designed a short and sweet online program that covers 2 of my favourite topics from the Sessions – Intuition and Self Love. These will be launched soon after the new website goes live in a few weeks time, yay!

If you’re in Perth you can come along to the Sessions in person – I have two new groups starting up in April which I am so excited about! My current groups have had their 5th session this week and I have been blown away by the change I’ve seen in every Soul Sister. There’s so much less anxiety, worry, drama, self sabotage, and emotional rollercoaster’s and a whole lot more clarity, self love, peace, and gratitude. I feel pretty dang lucky to work with these women.

I still have a few spaces left for one-on-one coaching and I’ve been working on a shorter, three session program (it's now here!) for ladies who are looking for targeted and specific support to make some speedy shifts. I haven’t released the details yet on my website (they’ll be on my new one though) so if you’d like to know, send me an email or sign up for a free 30 minute session so you can learn more about what is involved.

Later in the year, I’ll be hosting workshops as part of a weekend retreat that my lovely friend Rachel is holding– it’ll be packed with yoga, healthy cooking demos and talks and a couple of workshop style sessions with me. Make sure you’re signed up to my newsletter so you’re the first to know all the details.

You’ll be seeing me pop up in more places around the interwebs as I write articles and interviews for some big and exciting players in the wellness game – I can’t wait to share these with you! I recently did and interview for Jessica Sepel – I share my favourite ways to switch off, my super delish smoothie recipe, and my own journey to wellness. Have a read here.

As I work on all these new projects, I’ve been super conscious of the energy I bring to each one – I’m a big believer that energy is amplified by action so I’ve only set relaxed deadlines and I always give myself a few moments to get into a fresh and inspired zone before I start working. As a result, everything is coming out more beautifully than I’d imagined and I am so so excited to share everything very soon!

This gentler approach to myself and my work has been so much more joy filled and free from guilt when I do need to take some ‘me-time’ during the day (especially when my neck is killing me!). It’s all about doing the same things but doing them with more love and freedom – and only once I’ve done what I need to do to nurture myself.

So I want to know – where can you make this subtle shift in your own life? What is the energy you take into what you do, and how can you shift it to make your days more joy filled? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love and thanks so much for being here,

Xx Amelia