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7 fun ways to nurture your female friendships

Lately, I feel like discussions about the importance of cultivating amazing female friendships  has popped up again and again - with clients and friends alike. It’s so incredibly important for young women to take time to embrace their feminine side, and I've learnt that it's something a lot of us feel disconnected from.

It occurred to me that we focus so much on our dream careers, relationships, and homes that our lady friends fall by the wayside – not because we don’t care, because we have so many other things we “should” be focusing on. These things all have the masculine traits of doing, achieving, and competing and before we know it, we've let the relationship to the most important female (ourself!) slip off the radar. Ignoring your innate feminine side can even affect your health - especially your hormones.

So what can you do? You can embrace your feminine side of course!


What does that mean exactly?

It means being instead of doing. Taking time out for rest and rejuvenation when you need it. Nurturing, caring, sharing. Connecting with your version of the Divine. Creating for pleasure. Moving in a way that feels good for your body. Getting in touch with your sensuality. Connecting with nature.
It means cultivating supportive and soul-nourishing female friendships.

And here are 7 fun ways you can do just that:

1. Group meditation
The energy of a group mediation can often be more powerful than meditating alone so grab your friends and some comfy cushions, light some candles, and get your medi on. A longer guided meditation (I love the Chakra Cleanse meditation by Belinda Davidson) is perfect (or try one of these shorter ones if you like) or you could just put on some soothing tunes and focus on your breath or a mantra. You could even look into meditation classes in your area that you could go along to together. A meditation can be a lovely way to kick off a dinner party or end a workout with the girls, give it a go!

2. Angel card readings
Grab a couple of decks of oracle, tarot, or angel cards (I love the Life Purpose, Messages from Your Angels decks from Doreen Virtue and the super gorgeous Little Sage Oracle Cards) and invite your girlfriends over for a reading. The cards come with an instruction booklet so you will all be able to do readings for each other. It’s a fun way to open up a discussion about areas you feel like you need some support and guidance and I’ve always found the cards carry beautiful and timely messages for me.

3. Creative catch ups
Bust out the textas or paints, whip up some healthy snacks (or crack a lovely bottle of red) and get the girls over for an afternoon of creativity. If you have a friend who is an artistic whiz, get them to show the rest of you how they do it. You could also sign up to do an art or pottery class together. A fun way to hang out and you'll be left with a masterpiece (or a red hot attempt at one) at the end of the day!

4. Whip up some DIY natural beauty products
You can find recipes for everything from toothpaste to deodorant to body scrubs to hair masks on Pinterest (here are my picks). Choose a couple of recipes and have your girlfriends over to make a nice big batch and divide it up into pretty jars for you each to take home. Or turn your place into a spa for the evening with robes, slippers and candles and catch up while you test out natural face masks (cucumber slices on eyes essential!).

5. Start a personal development book club
Each month, take turns choosing a self development book for you and your chums to read and then catch up and chat about. I love The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte and Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth. CBF reading? Download the new Conversation Starter app from Danielle LaPorte – it gives you great questions to consider and when I used it with my mates, I was pretty amazed at the convos it opened up.

6. Get moving
I realised the other day that back when clubbing and parties were a regular weekend activity for me, I got to boogie my little heart out all the time! Now that I have swapped the clubs for dinner parties and hangovers for an early morning yoga sesh, I don’t get to dance hardly as much! Dancing is the ultimate in embracing your feminine side and moving your body with total freedom is something we do way to little of. Get you funnest ladies together and head to a dance class (salsa will make you feel like a sex goddess!) or No Lights, No Lycra dance party or Breakfast Rave (currently being held in Perth and Sydney). Not all that confident your side step will cut it? Practice at home! Turn on some tunes and cut a rug in your very own bedroom (do this first thing and you’re guaranteed to have an awesome day). It is so liberating (and fascinating) to just move without trying to get somewhere, tone a muscle, or nail a yoga pose. Do it as much as you can lady!

7. Connect with amazing Soul Sisters
If you are a Perth lass who is keen-as-mustard to connect with like-minded ladies and oh-so-ready ready to say see-ya to self sabotage and amp up your self love instead, I've got just the thing (yay!). My group coaching program, The Soul Sister Sessions will create a space for you to get to know other lovely ladies as you support and share with each other as I show you the way to a life filled with joy, grace, and supercharged health. If you're reading this, I reckon you’ll love it - find all the info here.

So many ideas for you, so don't waste a minute! Share this with your girlfriends pronto you lovely thing, and watch your friendships blossom.

Lots of love,

Xx Amelia