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8 Fun Ways to Have a Healthy Social Life

Do you feel like you've outgrown the party lifestyle? Are you frustrated that socialising means late nights out drinking? Are you worried about losing friends if you stop getting boozed every weekend?

Don't worry my friend! Just because you're swapping vodka for green juice, Maltesers for bliss balls, and diet soft drink for kombucha doesn't mean you have to trade in your full social life for nights in spent meal prepping and meditating.

When I first became super interested in wellness, I felt a little alienated from some of my friends. I had all these new interests that they didn't know about! And I'll be honest - a few of my friendships tapered off as I followed my passion.

Once I started to share my passion for healthy cooking, yoga, meditation, and soul and spirit searching, I was stoked to find that plenty of my mates were more than willing to try out these things for themselves. I've also made some beautiful new friends since I joined local wellness groups and attended a heap of health related events and workshops.

Following my passion for wellness has far from hurt my social life - it's actually improved it! Here are my favourite ways to stay healthy when socialising:

1. Yoga with Mates
Free classes are a winner for getting you buddies to roll out their (borrowed) mats. Lots of yoga studios hold free or super cheap classes and some do "2 for 1" or "first class free" deals or check out your local lulu lemon store - most run free classes. I've managed to get a surprising number of my mates to have a crack at yoga by luring with the promise of getting something for nothing!

2. Put on a Breakfast Bar
Chop up some fruit, whip up some granola or Bircher muesli and make some nut milk and have your friends over for a super delish, healthy breakfast bar. Get creative and whip up some chia pudding and berry sauce (just heat a few handfuls of frozen berries in a saucepan 'til they go all "saucy') . It all looks impressive spread out on the table but it's not much effort at all plus it's a sneaky way to introduce your buddies to some new healthy foods they might have been to scared to try.

3. Explore where you live
You know that great nature reserve or national park nearby that you've always wanted to explore? Make it happen! Grab your mates, some healthy snacks (fresh fruit and nuts are easy) and head to that local walking trail, swimming hole, or waterfall. So much more fun and memorable than another afternoon at the pub.

4. Have a Foraging Dinner Party
Invite your friends over for a pot luck dinner where everyone brings a dish made mostly from ingredients they have foraged – think fruit from local trees, herbs and veggies from your garden, eggs from your neighbours chickens (ask them first!) and fish you have caught. Make it into a full day activity by dividing up into groups of 2 or 3 to forage for ingredients and create a dish together. The result will be a fresh healthy feast and a day you’ll all remember.

5. Go to Events
Keep an eye out for wellness related events in your area – gym or yoga studio open days, cooking classes or work shops, group coaching or networking get-togethers are all fun ways to do something different with your mates. Going to these events solo is great too – they are the perfect place to meet like minded peeps! If this sounds good to you (and you live in Perth) check out my group coaching program, The Soul Sister Sessions, where you can connect with like-minded ladies and receive the support you need to reach your wellness goals.

6. Social Sport
Find a social sport that looks like fun (the weirder the better - sand netball anyone!?) and send out a message to any of your friends who you think will be interested and get a team together. Hey presto, you’re catching up as a group once a week and getting a work out while you’re at it.

7. Doco and Discussion Night
There are so many awesome and entertaining documentaries around that will get you and your friends thinking about your wellness and the health of your country and the planet. Chatting about it after is a great way to get to know your friends and how they think and its a great way to kick off stimulating convos. Try these docos: Food Matters, Hungry for Change, Let me be Frank, An Inconvenient Truth, and Blackfish.

8. Skill Sharing Session
Once a month get together for a skill sharing session – where one person in the group teaches you all how to do something they are super talented at.  The skills you share are only limited by your imagination - anything from making sushi, to sewing, to brewing kombucha, to massage, to expert card dealing skills, or even how to use a computer program like Excel or Photoshop. It may not always be health related but learning and sharing with your friends is excellent for your health!

What's your favourite creative way's to hang out with your friends that don't include (multiple) bottles of wine? Make sure you share this post with them and let the fun begin!

Lots of love,

Xx Amelia