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An easy trick to tap into your intuition


Are you plagued by indecisiveness? Totally freaked out by making big decisions? I've got the answer to your woes, and the best part? You already have it too - your intuition!

Being guided by your intuition or your gut feelings is a beautiful way to live. Your intuition will never steer you wrong. Unfortunately, most of the time your intuition is a quiet whisper while your mind is yelling through a mega-phone! We all have the ability to tune into our inner guidance (yes even you!) and the great thing is you have tonnes of opportunities every day to practice listening to your intuition.

When you're figuring out what to eat, where to go, what exercise to do, whether to take the job, when to wash your hair, or which mittens to wear while you walk the dog, you can practice intuitive decision making.

Here's how:
1. Take a deep breath  and shut your eyes if you like (or if you're somewhere that people won't think you're a fruit loop for doing so!)
2. Hold the question or decision in your mind as you slowly exhale
3. Breathe in again and turn your focus inwards - into your body and away from your mind

Now experience the different sensations going on in your body as you take a few more deep breaths. Your intuition will usually speak to you via a 'feeling' of which course of action is best. If you're looking at a couple of different outcomes, tune into your body's response as you consider each. I guarantee one will feel more "right" in your body than the other.

Observe any emotions come up as you consider your decision - the course of action that feels free and uplifting is the one you should take.

This exercise quietens the mind and opens you up to guidance from your intuition. Use it any time you feel like you need some guidance, especially when you notice yourself over analysing or agonizing over a situation.

Let me know how this exercise goes for you!

Lots of love,

Xx Amelia