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An easy way to quiet your mind when you're feeling overwhelmed

This is something I started doing a while ago during my morning walks. I decided I needed to figure out a way to quieten my chattering mind because I’d get halfway and realise I had been caught up in my head the whole time! I was missing the beautiful sunrise or forgetting to relish the peace of the early morning because I was too busy running through all the things I needed to do that day in my head.

Now I use this little trick all the time, especially when I feel like I’m starting to get caught up with my thoughts or just feeling a little scattered. Because guess what? All that anxiety, worry, overanalysing, judgement, and fear comes from the mind! The key to escaping that shizzle? Get outta there sista! And get into your body.

Here’s what I do to get out of my head full of racing thoughts and into the peace and calm of my body:

I start by taking a lovely big, deep breath in, filling my lungs and belly. 

I slowly breathe it out and as I do, I tune into any sensations I am feeling in my body. I like to start at my toes and feet and work my way up to my noggin but you can do it any way you like.

Now pay attention: feel your shoes or clothes on your body. Are there parts of your body that feel warm or cool? Notice where in your body you feel comfortable and relaxed. Don’t skip over body parts that feel tense or uncomfortable – simply note the sensation and move on. Become an observer – whenever your mind tries to jump in with a judgement or a thought, gently bring your focus back to the sensation and how it feels to be in your body right now.

This works as a moving meditation for when you’re going about your day – and it only takes a minute or 2 (of course you can do it for longer it you like!). It’s also a great meditation technique for when you’re sitting in stillness – similar to the “body scan” in a mindfulness meditation practice.

Whenever I tune into my body, I feel myself start to relax instantly. The chatter of my mind quietens and then disappears (at least for a minute or 2!). Afterwards I feel light, clear, and calm as I get on with my day.

You’ll be amazed at how much is going on with your body that your mind is tuning out! When I started doing this, I noticed that my mind would avoid tuning into parts of my body with uncomfortable sensations. I had to give myself a little push to experience a slight bloating in my stomach or tension in my neck (with awareness, not judgement). I was also missing the good stuff like the fresh morning air on my cheeks and the simple joy of just moving.

Since I’ve started getting out of my head and into my body as much as I can, I feel calmer and more centered. I find it so much easier to tune into my intuition when making choices throughout my day like how to move and what to eat. I now use this tactic when I’m chatting to friends, my boyfriend, or my clients because it allows me to really hear them, rather than listening with the background hum (and occasional interruption!) of my mental chatter.

So, my friend, here’s what I want you to do:

Try it now (seriously!). Reading about how to quieten your mind is one thing but you're gotta actually do it sista!

Maybe you would like to set a timer for a few minutes and take a mini break.

Notice the difference a quiet mind can make you feel.

What do you think? Good stuff huh?

I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

Lots of love,

Xx Amelia