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Balanced babes: Interview with Corona Brady from NurturePod

This weeks Balanced Babe, Corona Brady from NurturePod is a truly beautiful soul. With her e-course Creating A Soulful Life, Corona has created something that’s seriously special. This life changing eCourse is all about diving deep into those
hard-to-reach places inside yourself and finding your soul gold. Trust me, you're going to want to get involved.

Let's get to know this gorgeous lady and learn how she can help you to transform you life.

01. Lets start with a bit of background – tell us a little about who you are and what you do with your wonderful life.

I’m Corona. An Intuitive Heart + Soul Infused Life Coach, Yoga Teacher + Energy Healer But more than all that, I’m a seeker. A searcher. A deep-down diver into all things soulful. I truly believe that way too many beautiful, amazing women are struggling in their lives because they've turned away from their truth. Their essence. Basically, they've lost touch with their soul. My mission is to help women reconnect with that innermost part of themselves, the light that’s always shining underneath the surface.

I coach, teach, speak and write over at NurturePod from a space of truth, soul, intuition and love.

I’m the creator of Creating A Soulful Life – A 12 Week course on Diving Deep, Shining Bright and Living A Life You Love

02. Describe what living a big, juicy, healthy life means to you.

A big juicy healthy life to me means not being afraid to be me. This year especially I’ve be learning a hard lesson in authenticity and I’ve made a promise to myself to always speak and live what feels to true to me.

It means balance in every possible way (body, mind & soul). It also means caring for myself in every possible way and those around me (my loved ones). It means spending quality time with the right people, spending time alone, spending lots of time outdoors in nature, spending lots of time in the kitchen cooking healthy and nutritious foods, sharing knowledge to inspire others to make the changes they need, eating fresh local organic produce supporting local farmers, getting involved in the community, committing to a daily regular meditation, yoga and spiritual practice.

It also means that I give myself permission always to express and process every emotion freely (sadness, anger, happiness, anxiety etc.), being kind to myself as well as speaking kindly to myself, generosity to others, living in sync with the seasons (diet and exercise), making a difference in the world and lots of daily SELF-LOVE. Self-care and self-love is how I start my day!

03. How did you get there? What made you chose to take the leap to follow your dreams?

When life wasn’t working for me as in when I was in a job and career that was making me miserable and sick, I was exercising to the extreme and basically doing all the wrong things for my body. I decided to stop looking outside of myself. I decided it was finally time to journey within. I started to connect with my heart and my intuition. I looked at what was really going on within the workings of my mind – my beliefs, my fears, my worries, my anxieties, and my values and why I kept facing obstacle after obstacle.

What I noticed was that the more I committed to working on my inner world and healing the relationship with myself, my external world started to reflect this. I started to change in a very positive way. I started practicing and teaching yoga, I committed to a regular daily meditation and spiritual practice, I started to learn about visualisation and manifestations and I started really making my dreams come true. I started creating and living my very own soulful life. What I’ve come to realise on this journey is that going soul-deep is the key to creating lasting change. It’s the secret to living a life that actually feels good.

As a Life Coach, Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer I’ve spent so many years buried in discovering my essence, my true nature through various trainings, programs and courses as well as devouring so many personal development and spirituality books.

04. Can you share a great piece of advice you’ve been given and who gave it to you?

I was given some wonderful advice this year from one of my teachers. She said “Corona take the mask away and just be you.”

As I’ve mentioned earlier I feel I’ve been learning a hard lesson in authenticity. I feel this year especially its really calling on each and every one of us to get real and to start speaking and living our truth.

Once you start being your true self, you’ll accept yourself for who you are knowing that you are unique, in so many magnificent ways, a unique gift to life – incomparably you.

05. When are you most inspired? What gets you bursting with excitement, leaping out of bed, and losing track of time?

In my business when I’m doing deep inner healing transformational soulful work with my clients and students - intuitively, spiritually and energetically focused.

This is truly what lights me up on every level!

06. What does your perfect day look like?

I’m an early riser so I get up between 5am and 5.30am every morning. I like to dedicate 2 or so hours for my meditation, yoga and spiritual practice. This includes; journaling, Kundalini yoga and Kundalini meditations. Then I’ll hit the bathroom for some dry body brushing, oil pulling and tongue cleaning while I repeat positive affirmations to myself. Next I have a cold shower (something I learned about in my Kundalini training this year) and afterwards I massage by body from head to toe with a few drops of sweet almond oil added to my favourite essential oil (this to me is a very deep act of self-care) while I again repeat positive affirmations to myself.

Next its breakfast time. Then a walk with the dog.

The rest of the day is spent answering emails to my online tribe, coaching sessions with my clients, and or teaching a yoga class or a private yoga lesson depending on the day. I like to finish up all work related stuff by 6pm latest and the rest of the evening is spent with my hubby.

07. How do you reinvigorate yourself when you’re feeling a little less sparkly and vibrant than normal? How do you get that pesky inner critic to pipe down?

I get out in nature. I’ll bring my journal with me and lie out on the grass journaling. It always works a treat. Or I might lye on my bed and give myself a mini Reiki healing session.

08. I love soaking up the knowledge of the people around me - what is your favourite question to ask people and what kind of answers do you get?

What’s your greatest passion?

09. What does spirituality mean to you and how do you love to connect with it?

Spirituality to me is that part of us that exists beyond material things and concerns. These parts dwell in our inside world – the soul – and our outside world – the universe. It means, I’ve decided to live a more conscious life. I do this by observing myself, my patterns, behaviours, thoughts, and emotions, and I work on all those challenges that come on my path along the way. Living a spiritual live means that I desire to work on myself so that I can become the best version of myself, and at the same time, appreciating the ‘earthly experiences’ such as spending quality time with like-minded souls and family, travelling the world and being of service in the work I get to do each and every day.

I want my life to be a pursuit for complete freedom filled with joy, love, friendship, adventure and happiness. That is the meaning of spirituality to me.

 Amelia: How beautiful is that?!

Quick 6

Weirdest healthy food or practice you’ve tried? Well I’m currently trying to get in touch more with my divine feminine so I recently started belly dancing. It’s nothing like I’ve ever done before! Some of the movements are weird but feel very nice and feminine!
Favourite travel destination? South America and more recently India.
Quote you love? "Your greatest strength is love. Your greatest weakness is fear.” ~ Yogi Bhajan
What cracks you up? My hubby, seriously he makes me laugh a lot which I believe is so very important in life!
Who do you think deserves a big high 5? Yogi Bhajan who brought Kundalini Yoga to the west. This practice has literally transformed me on every level. It’s woken me up!
Awesome book to read? Well I’m currently reading Be Here Now by Ram Das and it’s pretty special. The illustrations are just beautiful.

What delightful inspiration huh?! Are just you itching to start creating your own soulful life with Corona? Start here.

Lots of love,

Xx Amelia