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Can’t Get Enough: Pampering, Podcasts you’ll love, and, erm, Periods

An unintentional "P" list of everything can't get enough of at the moment:

Oh boy my hometown has turned it on since I got back from Bali – sunshine every day! It’s great to be back and diving into all the organising for The Soul Sister Sessions and other exciting things I have coming up! Oh and smothering my pets, family, and friends with love.

I'm embarrassingly obsessed with this image hoarding hub. I recently reorganized my pins - on my feed you'll find a tonne of nourishing recipes, healthy lifestyle hacks, yoga and meditation vids as well as style, blogging and DIY inspiration. There's a whole board of cute animals there too. See what's been pinteresting me lately here.

After 3 months of enjoying amazing (and cheap!) massages and spa treatments in Bali – I’m already missing them! I would always walk out floating on air and feeling great! It made me realise how important it is to spend time treating myself  - it’s a beautiful time to just BE which is an important break from all the doing-doing-doing that can take over (especially when you have your own business!). Now I’m home I’ve been taking baths which doesn’t take much longer than a shower but it slows me down and is so relaxing. I’ve also been trying out making my own natural beauty products  - stay tuned for the results!

This is weird one I know but if you read my post about going off the pill a while back, you’ll know where I’m coming from. A hundred days (!) since my previous cycle, my period turned up again a few weeks ago. Yay! I've been keeping track of things using the Cycle Chart I made up to go with my post on hormones and moon cycles (download your own copy at the end of that post!). It's super useful! I’ll be writing a full update soon - my post on my experience coming off the pill is by far one of my most popular.

One on my favourite parts of my day is taking my lovely pup for a walk. Sometimes its nice just to enjoy the quiet of the early morning but sometimes I’ll take my phone along and listen to a podcast as I walk. I’ve been working my way through the awesome chats Katie from The Wellness Wonderland has with all sorts of inspiring guests.. I especially love the one with Connie Chapman (who I have just started working with myself!). Great to listen to on your way to work, while you make dinner or walk the dog, or pop one on in the car on your next roadtrip – guaranteed to start interesting convos with your travel buds and get some wellness tips at the same time!

There you have it! Are you loving any of these things at the moment? What are you going to try?

Lots of love,

Xx Amelia