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How a gratitude practice will change your life

Gratitude is one of the most important things for a happy and healthy life. It’s really easy and fun to work a regular gratitude practice in your routine and before long you’ll notice a huge shift in your overall outlook.

The idea behind a gratitude practice is that it teaches you to look for and enjoy all the wonderful things about your life. You have so man things to be grateful for once you start looking!

What you can do:

  • I love the idea of a gratitude jar – get a big jar and some notepaper and write down 3 things you are grateful for and pop it in the jar every day. These are fun to look back on, especially after a not-so-flash day.
  • Share it with your bestie, partner or family member – my boyfriend and I do our “three things” every night before bed, or you can call or text a friend with your gratitude list. Go into detail about why you’re grateful for each thing to amp up those warm fuzzies.
  • When you’re feeling shitty, purposely flip your thinking to gratitude. Having a rough day at work? Be grateful for your lovely co-workers or clients, or that your pay allows you to do things you love. Soon you will effortlessly see the good in tough situations.
  • If you have a morning meditation or routine, include some gratitude. Picture something you are grateful for as you meditate, or even as you shower or brush your teeth. You will be training your brain to look at the world through a more positive lens.

You’ll begin to notice feelings that you are especially grateful for, for example a feeling of calm when you go for a walk, a feeling of joy when you spend time with your loved ones, or a feeling of achievement when you sign that client or get a pay rise. Focus in on these feelings and find ways to bring them into your every day – don’t wait for outside events to make you feel good, what can you do right now to create that feeling of calm or joy or achievement? Give yourself even more to be grateful for!

Get started right now – what are you grateful for right this minute?

Reminder: It’s important to go into the “why” of your gratitude list. Are you grateful for beautiful weather? What is the feeling you get from this weather that makes you happy? Grateful for the relationships in your life? What is it about that person or that relationship is it that you really enjoy?

Gratitude sure is great! And I’m ever so grateful you took the time to read this post,

Lots of love,

Xx Amelia