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How to stop waiting and start living the life of your dreams now! (Plus, my exciting news!)

Today I have some exciting news to share with you! This Sunday my boyfriend and I are heading to Bali to spend 3 months living in Ubud (aka. yoga, wellness, spirit, soul and organic food heaven!). I am planning on doing lots of workshops and trainings, heaps of yoga, and plenty of personal development and learning but most importantly chilling the f out and exploring Bali! I'm also super pumped to have more time to spend on my business, and take on more coaching clients via Skype.  I'll let you in on the fun too with plenty of posts while I'm over there.

I am so excited for this new adventure! Something I love to do when I am really looking forward to something is to sit down and ask myself “Why?”. What is the feeling or experience that gets me buzzing with excitement? Then I think about how I can bring that feeling into my days right now!

For Bali, I absolutely cannot wait to be doing yoga every day, deepening my meditation practice and to have access to incredible (and cheap!) masseurs and healers. I'm pumped to spend heaps of time hanging out and adventuring with my love. I'm psyched to invite more amazing clients on board. I’m looking forward to feeling relaxed, peaceful and invigorated by the wonderful energy of Ubud.

Looking at all of those experiences and feelings, I realised I could easily create most of them in my life now! I’ve incorporated more yoga and in my meditation (and throughout my days) I have concentrated on cultivating peace and invigoration. I’ve also been taking more time out to really rest and do things I love like reading and just lying in the sun. And it feels great!

So often we imagine that things in our life will improve when our outside environment changes. When we get that job, lose the weight, buy the perfect wardrobe, or meet that dream partner. For me, it was when I left for my trip! That’s all bogus of course! The truth is, it’s our inner world that needs to cultivate and experience the peace/freedom/joy/love or whatever feeling you’re chasing before we can truly experience it.

How to do it? Just concentrate on how reaching that goal or attaining that dream will feel. Yep that’s it – simple but oh-so-powerful. So start bringing your dreams to life right now – get comfy, close your eyes and really feel that glorious feeling you are chasing! Here’s some prompts to get you started:

  • Where in your body do you feel it?
  • Is it warm or cool?
  • Does it feel warm and expansive? Light and energising?

Consider how you would act if your dream became a reality or if you reached that goal - perhaps you'd feel more grounded, more abundant, or more confident? Maybe you would go about your days with drive and ease, maybe you would be more playful.

The more you cultivate the feeling, the more you invite it into your life!

You know the saying dress for the job you want, not the job you have? That’s kinda what I’m saying here – feel as though you have the life you want!

Try it now and open yourself up to living the life of your dreams.

Have a beautiful week my lovely friend,

Xx Amelia