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What I learnt when I saw a Spiritual Healer in Ubud

Hello from Ubud! Ah yep it's good to be back in Bali. I've been drinking green juice, getting massages and doing yoga - and it's only day 2 of my 3 month stay!

Today I saw Dr. Punnu at The Yoga Barn's healing centre. Punnu is a spiritual healer who specialises in a number of different modalities including Reiki and massage - you can read more about him here.

Apart from a chakra balancing treatment, Punnu and I had a beautiful chat. Here's some of the wise words he shared with me:

01. Your external world is a reflection of your internal world. An easy way to think of this is the general order and tidy of your room or house. Messy and cluttered? My guess is your brain feels that way too. How to not be a scatterbrain: clear your space with a good de-cluttering session then clear your mind with a good meditation sesh. Ahhh!
02. Before you can love and be loved, you must love yourself. Punnu told me that every time in catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I should look into my own eyes and say "I love you". Feels totally weird but give it a go (I will be!).
03. Our thoughts create our reality. Be careful what you spend your time thinking about - what you focus on, you invite into your life. To me, this is a great reminder to focus on the solution, not the problem. For example, are you feeling stressed, run down or unwell? Stop focusing on or analysing why you feel that way and start thinking about feeling relaxed, energised and healthy! This can work with the more tangible parts of your life - if you always feel strapped for cash think about feeling abundant and turn your focus to the moolah you do have (and be bloody grateful for it!).
04. Be aware of how you talk to yourself. Often we can be pretty nasty to ourselves without even realising. Thoughts like "I'm no good at this", "I've failed again", "I'm not good enough" pop up far too often. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself with the gentle care you would show to a child or a dear friend. Forgive yourself for being human. Stop holding yourself to higher standards than you hold others too. Give yourself a pat on the back for being you. Celebrate and focus on your successes and let them define you.
05. Become an objective observer of your thoughts and reality. Punnu spoke to me about moving away from craving or having an aversion to certain feelings and concentrating on witnessing my thoughts. This is a big message in the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle that was a pretty big game changer for me when I first read it a few years ago. I find becoming an observer of my thoughts is especially helpful when I'm stressed, anxious, or overthinking something. I also found it useful last time I got a bikini wax!

While a lot of what Punnu and I spoke about I already knew, it was amazing to talk about what these things really mean for me. He helped me see where these things specifically apply in my life and his insight was invaluable.

I can't wait to share more of what I learn here in Ubud with you lovely friend! Stay tuned for my updates (and sign up to my newsletter so you don't miss my exclusive to email tips and teachings).

Xx Amelia