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Six things you can do now to uplevel your health, business, and life

Oh how lovely it feels to be back writing to you! My new website has been keeping me super busy and I’m so excited that it’s finally here. I am so proud of how it’s come together and I couldn’t be more grateful for my amazing web and graphic designer Mel. While you’re here, make sure you grab you copy of my totally made-over Words to Inspire Printable – it’s got 22 beautifully presented quotes that you can print out and stick up for constant inspiration (I’ve printed mine off and I’ve been using them as lovely cards for friends and clients!).

You can also have a squiz at my fresh ‘about me’ page, my all new ‘media’ page and new coaching packages (psst…you can sign up for a FREE session here). And something I am seriously excited about…my new Art Shop! Yay! It features some of my original watercolour paintings that I have been bursting to share with you!

While I was creating my new artworks, website, and business plan I did a lot of researching and thinking about ways to uplevel – whether in my business, life, or health. Basically how I can be healthy, happy, fulfilled, and wealthy. I came away with a heap of insights that I just had to share with you – grab a notebook and pen so you can jot answers to my questions as you go and start upleveling you health, business, and life now!

1. Start your day with something that makes you feel great

While I don't like to subscribe myself to a strict morning routine, I have learnt that I am my best if I make time for movement first thing – usually walking, yoga or a personal training session. Not only does this make me feel great but it gives me direction from the get go -  if I don’t know the first thing I’m doing for the day I tend to get a bit indecisive in my freshly awake state and I feel a bit scattered for the rest of the day. So I want to know:

What can you do first thing each day to start your day off feeling amazing?

2. Take time out from your work

There is a serious misconception that we working hard is about working long hours at the expense of self care and chill out time. The problem with this is that if we are working at the expense of having fun and down time, the work we produce is not all that great. A few times in the lead up to my re-launch I caught myself thinking ‘I don’t have time to meditate/cook/walk the dog/see my friends, these way too much to do’. But I know that I am far more focused, productive and inspired if I make time for these things so I made time for them, despite the fact that there was plenty of work to be done. And you know what? It got done! And I’m happier and more excited about the result than I ever thought. So tell me:

What do you need to prioritise? (that you might have been telling yourself you don’t have time for!)

3. Trust your intuition

There were many moments where I was visited by doubt – when it came to branding, images, setting price points, and well, basically everything! I learnt that I was most excited to move forward when I trusted my intuition and went with my first instinct and from there, things would flow and the process felt easy. Want some of that ease in your own life? Ask yourself:

What are you feeling most drawn to at the moment? What is your intuition trying to tell you?

4. Invest in yourself

Lately I’ve been really diving into learning about running a successful business, and living in line with my purpose. I’ve invested in workshops and events about marketing and PR, I’ve worked with a business coach, and I’ve bought a heap of books about wealth and business. I’ve also been investing in my health by seeing a physio, chiro, and a personal trainer (and I’m about to add regular massages to that list). I can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in yourself – in your health and education first and foremost. So tell me:

What can you invest in to uplevel your life? A coach? Organic grocery delivery? A workshop? Books? Write a list of all the things you’d love to invest in – and start making a plan to make that happen.

5. Prioritise self care

I know I kind of mentioned this in point 2 but I wanted to reiterate this one! If you’re not looking after yourself it’s like you’re trying to water a garden with a watering can that’s nearly empty – basically useless. Take time out every day to do the things that make you feel good, especially when things are feeling ‘busy’. For me this has been hugely important lately - I love hopping in a warm bath, meditating, reading a (non-personal development or business related) book, and spending time with my man and friends. So let me ask you:

What does self care look like to you? What are some ideas of things you can do that will ‘top you up’?

6. Be authentic

Don’t try to fit into a pre-existing box. This one came up for me big time when I cam up with the idea to sell my art prints on my new site. I thought – coach and artist, I can’t be both! I have to pick one! I was basing this on the fact that I haven’t seen any other coaches selling art, or artists that are also life coaches. When I realized that this perception was totally in my mind, I thought – why not! I can give it a go! Sharing my creative side makes me feel far more authentic – something I aim to be in every thing I do. And the cool thing? Authenticity is what people respond to! When we're authentic we attract relationships, career paths and opportunities that are truly right for us. Let’s bring it back to you:

What are you doing because it’s the ‘right thing’ to do? And what could you be doing that would feel more authentic?

I’d love to know your answers – share them with me and the AH tribe in the comments below!

Lots of love,

Xx Amelia