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Daily Exercise Made Easy

Today’s post is brought to you by my incredible Intentional Movement Coach, Janine Farrow. Her training style is oh-so-different to most personal trainers – she gets results without totally kicking your ass, Janine is all about tailored, targeted exercise with careful attention to alignment and how you love to move your body. She’s given me a new love for exercise (even running!) and I smile my way through every session and leave on an absolute high. If you’re in Perth and looking for someone to help you smash those fitness goals with love I really can’t recommend Janine enough - check her out on her sparkly new website. (Psst...Janine has a super special offer for you at the end of this article!)

Enough from me! over to Janine!


We know in our heart of hearts we need to exercise, to move these glorious bodies of ours daily but what our ego perceives exercise to be is enough to keep the thought for another day. This “another day” can often take a while to appear, So I am taking your hand and we are going to walk through how to make another day TODAY. Your want to move = your body wanting to move, your soul wanting to move. Lets make it easy, achievable and a daily practice.

What do you desire?

Lets write it down. What do you truly desire? For example losing 10kgs is the ego’s solution to your needs. But your desires go deeper than that and could look like being able to move with ease, feeling sexy in your underwear, being comfortable in a pair of jeans without always pulling them over your tummy, a beautiful self-belief, having a natural healthy glow that people compliment, running around playing with your children or frolicking in your bikini on a hot day at the beach. These are your truths and are your true motivators for taking action and making a life long change. By digger deeper than the ego’s solution you will find the gold that will motivate on a daily basis. You would feel successful, capable, empowered and you would continue to make good healthy choices. I believe, if we focus on the 10kgs alone, we won’t feel a strong sense of success until we have hit the goal or smashed the 10kg target. This robs us of feeling successful, capable and empowered on the entire journey. By finding your true motivators and using them as your daily guide you will succeed and achieve all you desire.


Play with different types of movement to see what you enjoy and which forms your body loves and responses too. There are so many ways to move; not just running and the gym as our ego tells us. There is walking, cycling, pilates, yoga, pole dancing, jazz, boot camps, Les Mills classes, touch rugby, gymnastics, tennis, running, resistance training, boxing – just to name a few. Try a few a week for the first few weeks and decide the ones you like, the activities that make your body feel strong and vibrant. The movements that leave your head clear and your “I can’t” muscle at home are for you.

Enlist support.

We all need support – someone to believe in us when we feel doubt creeping in. When we don’t have all the tools and resources to achieve our desires at this very moment. This can be a buddy to train with, a movement or life coach, a partner or friend for SOS calls at times of pending bad decisions, a teacher or instructor that you can verablise your intentions to. Asking for their help & support for if and when you need it is a truly powerful tool. Support can be coaxing you out of bed in the morning, getting a takeaway coffee and going for a walk instead of the usual girly coffee & cake catch up’s, complimenting you when they notice a change in your attitude, appearance and energy. Support is important and wonderful when received from people you trust and respect.

Make a Plan.

Actually sit down and write what type of movement you will do each day of the week. And do this every week. Aim for a minimum of 30mins per day. 30 mins could look like 2 x 15 minute walks around the block. It is really important to be realistic about how much time you have on each day to dedicate to moving based on what your work and social commitments. If you are unrealistic with your schedule, you will feel disappointment throughout your week which makes it hard to make it a habit. If you have a really busy long day at work and you are then meeting friends for a birthday dinner don’t try to fit a yoga class in. Take a 30 minute walk in your lunch break instead. Be honest with yourself and set up your week for success and empowerment.

Record your Rewards.

Every time you move write in your journal how you felt after it. This will create positive & pleasurable pathways towards exercise in your brain. This will teach your brain that you love to move, that it feels good and brings you joy. It will highlight things like, having more energy, sleeping better, feeling empowered, being more flexible, toned and fit. Record this every time you exercise until it becomes a natural thought at the end of each session.

Forgive Thy Self.

Forgive yourself if you miss a session but get right back on the horse in that moment. Don’t say “oh I’ll try again tomorrow” or “I’ll start again on Monday”. Start again in that moment. Why blow off 24 hours just because you missed yoga. Go for a walk instead and still have a beautiful nutritious dinner. Personally when I “Start again tomorrow” I actually write off all the hours I have between now and tomorrow as if those hours no longer count and I fill them with choices that aren’t inline with my desires. So I will have cake and an extra coffee. I’ll have a second helping of dinner and make dessert. I make decisions from a place of shame and guilt. Instead we need to forgive ourselves and then continue to take action towards our desired feelings.

Massive Action.

Go out and do it. Take action towards what you desire today.

The body wants to move, it wants to sweat and be challenged. It is only our beliefs and perception that deems exercise as a negative experience. Once we can associate nothing but positive thought to movement, it will become a permanent part of our life style without any effort at all.

With Love, Janine.


As a certified personal trainer, wellness coach and self-professed movement nerd, Janine Farrow is here to hold your hand and guide you along your inspired adventure of finding what health and wellness is for you. Through intentional movement sessions and wellness coaching, Janine uses beautiful exercises, delicious whole food eating and a huge serve of self-love to create the life women seek and so deserve.

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Xx Amelia