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How to make space and attract your desires

Last week I cleaned my car. Like really properly – vacuum, car wash, spray and wipe, upholstery clean, the works. Big whoop right?! Stick with me on this one …

I hadn’t cleaned my properly for ages and when I was finished I felt awesome. I had a real sense of pride in my car looking nice and sparkly. Now, every time I walk to my car I get that little hum of satisfaction.

It’s been a great reminder of the impact our space and environment has on us. Especially a space that we identify as ours. I didn’t feel that my messy car was bringing me down but now that it’s clean, I realize that it was. Or at least it wasn’t making me feel good in the way a clean car does!

Taking pride in what we own and the space we live in isn’t about being materialistic. Whether we drive a rust old bomb or a luxury car – we feel better when it’s clean. Whether we live in a mansion filled with designer furniture, a cute cottage or even a well-travelled van, we feel more peaceful without the clutter.

Wherever we live, we can create a space the gives us a sense of pride and comfort.

Think about it – how do you feel when you walk into a beautiful home? Or even your freshly cleaned and tidied room? I’m guessing you feel happy, at ease, and energized. I know I do!

On the flipside, when we live in or visit a space that's cluttered, disorganized, or unclean the energy of that space is stagnant. It’s draining to be in space like this! Just imagine how you feel when you’re somewhere messy and unclean. Pretty gross huh?!

The new year is a perfect time to turn your spaces into beautiful sanctuaries. Here are my tips on how to make space and attract your desires:

  • Open up windows and doors and let some good old fresh air in. Ah, that feels better already!
  • Get rid of clutter! Throw out or donate anything you don’t want. Don’t be afraid to be cutthroat during this process and be aware of how your ego attaches to certain objects, especially expensive things that you don’t use. No matter how much you paid for it, if you don’t use or wear it, it has no value for you. Donate it or sell it so that someone else can get some real value out of it! If in doubt, turf it because by throwing out the old, we make space for the new.
  • Make sure everything has a place. Instead of accumulating piles of stuff that don’t really belong anywhere, take action and give everything a home. Dedicate a drawer to wrapping paper and spare presents, use a magazine holder for loose paper and notebooks. Get a basket for that jumble of shoes and use a cute bowl to store your jewellery. You can even dedicate a space in your cupboard to things that you want to get rid of and take it all to your local charity shop when you’ve got time.
  • Reorganize furniture and move rooms around until you feel like they have a good flow to them. If you have pieces that are too big/small/bulky/ugly pop them on your local trading post (Gumtree is awesome for those of you in Australia) and, if you need to, replace them with something that suits the space.
  • Do a good clean – make some natural cleaning products (because they are super cheap and effective and won’t put nasty chemicals into your space) and take to your carpet/walls/couch/etc. and get dusting, wiping, and scrubbing. I love using essential oils (I get mine here) to clean and scent my space, just add a few drops to any cleaning spray or a spray bottle filled with water.
  • Incorporate your favourite colours, natural materials, and treasured objects into your space. As you arrange your items, step back and see how you feel when you look at them. You want to feel happy, uplifted, and peaceful as you look around.
  • Keep the good vibes flowing with Himalayan salt lamps, indoor plants, crystals, or an essential oil diffuser. You can even cleanse your space by smudging with sage if you feel like there might be some old energy hanging around that you’d like to get rid of. Make sure you regularly open up your space and let fresh air roll through, keeping energy flowing.

Clearing, cleaning, and decluttering is a powerful practice for anytime you’re moving through a transition. It’s a great way to create space in your life for those things you’re working on calling in – whether it’s a new career, a new partner, or more money, or more peace and clarity. It’s also perfect to kick off your New Year with a big clean out so make some time this January to get stuck into it. You can even make a ritual of thoroughly clearing and sorting out your stuff at the end of each month or even at a time during your menstrual cycle that you feel called to do so.

Creating a space that you feel proud of and love to be in, is an act of self love that will bring more goodness into your life.
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Lots of love and wishing you an incredible 2015,

Xx Amelia