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6 ways to stay centered during the Silly Season (or anytime!)

Oh boy, it’s that time of year, isn’t it! Weekends are full of Christmas catch ups and present shopping and life kinds seems to be in fast forward. It’s enough to get even the most centered of us feeling a little overwhelmed and scattered. But there are plenty of things that you can do to make sure you’re not a run down, strung out version of yourself by the time you reach the count down on New Years.

Here are my favourite ways to stay centered at this end of the year:

1. Say ‘no’ to any optional engagements like birthday drinks for friends of friends, extra shifts at work, or anything that gives you that little feeling of ‘ergh’ when you get the invite. If the time rolls around and you want to go along, you still can! In my experience it’s much easier (and involves much less guilt) to add things to your social calendar than to cancel at the last minute.

2. Schedule in meditation and ‘me time’, or any other activities that are supportive in keeping you connected to your intuition and feeling at peace. Or at least make a conscious effort to do these things. For me, a swim in the ocean, a cuddle with my man or pup, or a relaxing bath with calming essential oils instantly regrounds and centers. A great way to schedule down time is to into a yoga course, sign up for a meditation class, or schedule a quiet night in with your lover or mates. If you’d love to keep this habit up in 2015, come and join me for The Soul Sister Sessions, it’s the ultimate fortnightly dose of heart-centered me-time.

3. Don't spend more than you need to. Christmas time can also be stressful because all that present shopping and socialising can seriously drain the old bank account. Instead of spending lots of money, why not make some DIY gifts? Last weekend I got together with a bunch of girlfriends and we got DIYing and each made a heap of great pressies! Try spice mixes, body scrubs, a pretty jar of granola or bliss balls, or even some DIY artwork. It’s also a great idea to agree on spending limits with your partner, fam, and buddies or even do a Secret Santa with your family instead of buying an individual gift for everyone.

4. Take an hour or two on the weekend to do some meal prep and general organizing for your week. This is something that seems to slip from my routine when I have lots on but I feel SO much better when I take the time to get organised. Having healthy food on hand is especially good at this time of year when we’re surrounded by Christmas treats! Make some smoothie packs (all your ingredients in a zip lock bag) and pop them in the freezer and do a trip to your local farmers market to stock up on veggies that can be turned into a quick and easy dinner.

5. Limit anything that drains your energy. For me, this means keeping my phone out of my bedroom and spending as little time as I can on social media. It means keeping my space tidy and organized. It means putting off catching up with more ‘energy consuming’ friends until the new year. It means doing my Christmas shopping online instead of braving the crowds at the shops. It means not having more than a couple of glasses of wine or bubbly a night. It means doing one thing at a time, with focus instead of multitasking 5 things at once. Have a think - what drains your energy? Multiple cups of coffee a day? Smashing out tough classes at the gym when you’re not feeling up to it? Staying up too late? Before you act or RSVP, ask yourself; ‘Will this give me energy or suck energy?’.

6. But my biggest tip? SURRENDER to the energy buzzing around you. There is no avoiding it all together so have a go at diving in head first and working with the sillyness of the silly season. Rather than fighting the hectic pace of December, which will only leave you more exhausted, embrace the high energy of this end of the year. Choose to be invigorated and energized instead of drained. Choose to consciously enjoy indulging in a glass of champers and a fruit mince pie – no guilt. Surrendering helps you stay present and that makes life a whole lot sweeter.

I hope you’re enjoying the silly season, and I hope these tips support you to enjoy it even more. Use the buttons below to share this article around, we could all use a little help this time of year!

Xx Amelia