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How to tell the difference between your ego and your intuition

You are not your thoughts.

Sit with that sentence for a moment. That realisation has the potential to change your life.


The awareness that you are not your mind, but an observer who has a choice whether to engage in each thought is often the first step on a path filled with peace, joy, and freedom.

But it’s not always straight forward (sorry). Why? Because you have more than one internal voice! The most important (and most life-altering) distinction you can make when it comes to your internal dialogue is how to tell the difference between ego and intuition.

These two voices have many labels – you might know the ego as your inner critic, your mean girl, your fear voice, your mind. Your ego acts out of fear – fear of the unknown, fear of being unsafe, fear of being uncomfortable.

The intuition is the voice of your heart and soul, the voice of truth and love. Your intuition is often illogical and inexplicable. It’s that gut feeling, a hunch, an inexplicable knowing or desire.

It might seem straightforward to tell the difference between the two because they are so different, but it’s often not. In fact, “How do I tell the difference between my ego and my intuition?”, has to be one of the most common questions that gets thrown my way by my one-on-one clients and Soul Sisters.

For me, the easiest was to tell the difference between my ego and my intuition is by observing the energy that accompanies each voice.

When I’m being influenced by my ego, I feel restricted, small, and anxious. I feel tired and weak, and overwhelmed. My mind races as I weigh up a decision or battle against negative thoughts. I feel restless and uncomfortable. I’m disconnected from my body and the present moment. My energy is frantic and all up around my head.
On the flipside, when I am in an intuitive space, I feel calm and comfortable in my body. I feel light, empowered, and expansive. I feel connected to the earth and centered in the present moment. I am energized and in the flow, whatever I’m doing. My energy feels peaceful and is gently centered in my heart, my gut, and my connection to the earth.

As you read those paragraphs, do you get a sense of the different energies?

Start to feel this distinction out for yourself – when a thought or feeling comes up, do you feel energized and awake? Do you have a sense of knowing that stops you future- or past-tripping? If you are – you’re being guided by the voice of your intuition (which may not come as a voice but as a feeling, image, or sensation).

If you feel tired and weak, caught up in strategizing and figuring out mode, your ego is running the show.

The cool thing is, these two voices are constantly chirping up and wanting to be heard which means you get plenty of opportunities every single day to feel into the different energies of your ego and your intuition.

When you feel your ego coming through, step back and take an observers seat. Watching your thoughts with curiosity (not judgment) is such an interesting and empowering experience that allows you step away from expectations, comparisons, anxiety, and negative self-talk.

Make space for you intuition to come through by finding stillness in your days with meditation and mindfulness. When your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to the present moment – how your body feels, what you’re doing, where you are.

The more you bring your awareness to these two voices and their differing vibes, the better you’ll get at telling the difference between the two.

Let me know how you go in the comments below,

Xx Amelia