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18 Powerful Journal Prompts for Self Discovery and Healing

You’ve probably heard that journaling is a very powerful practice. It’s a great way to let go of stress and anxiety, process your emotions, and connect with your true self and your deeply held value and beliefs.

I grab my journal whenever I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or unsure. Since I started journaling, I’ve become more connected to my intuition and inner guidance as well as calmer and more centred. Journaling played a huge role in me healing my relationship with food and cultivating self love - it's taught me to be gentle with myself, something I used to be very, (very!), bad at. 

Maybe because it is so powerful, journaling is something a lot of us have some resistance to. Let me guess – writing just isn’t your ‘thing’? (But maybe it could be!) Or maybe you ‘don’t have time’? (Sometimes we have to make time). Or maybe you’re not sure where to start? That’s where journal prompts come in – acting kind of like a self interview, they will guide you to write on topics that you might find it a little tricky to just sit down and riff on.

So to help you get started, here are 18 of my favourite, powerful journal prompts and what they are great for (+ scroll down for a my printable Find Your Purpose journal prompts!)

1.     Three things I value about myself are….(perfect for fostering abundance and self worth)

2.     Five things I am grateful for today...(to cultivate gratitude and raise your vibes)

3.     I am craving…(when you're too focused on what you don't want)

4.     I feel like myself when…(one of my very faves and a great way to get to know you)

5.     I need more…(to give you direction and focus with what you want to manifest)

6.     Something I would love to do but I’m not sure I can is…(to highlight your limiting beliefs)

7.     Three things that my ‘best self’ would do that I’m currently not are… (so you can start being her, now!)

8.     Three things I did today that moved my closer to my dreams are…(to cultivate a feeling of capability and success)

9.     I feel amazing about myself when I…(to give you some ideas for Self Love practices)

10.     I feel crappy about myself when I…(to get you clear on what doesn't feel any good)

11.     The kind of person I am not is…(a great place to start a journey of self discovery)

12.     My intuition speaks to me by… (this will help you receive that amazing inner guidance, loud and clear)

13.     If I eat when I’m not physically hungry, it’s because...(to help with emotional or binge eating)

14.     If I was given $50,000 I would…(to bring awareness to where you'd love to spend your cash)

15.     I feel most feminine when… (to get in touch with your inner goddess)

16.     I’ve been putting off…(to highlight what you're unconsciously waiting for so you can take action asap!)

17.     I would love to get some support with…(if you're trying to do it all on your own but it's just not happening)

18.     I feel... (My lovely client Bernie loves this prompt when she's feeling disconnected from herself and ungrounded and it's a great starting point for free writing)

One of my favourite areas to use journaling is to discover your passion, direction and purpose - so I've created a free guide for you!

Enter your details below and have my Find Your Purpose journaling prompts (plus regular free meditations and inspiration!) delivered straight to your inbox so you can print them out and get writing!

A great place to start is by reading through the list and getting started right away with a prompt that jumps out at you.

If you'd like to know about getting started with and deepening your journaling practice to target your specific blockages, I have created From the Heart, a step-by-step guide on journaling your way to inner peace, clarity, and self love. You can check it out here.

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