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Video | Sabotaging Your Self Love | Part 1: Comparison |

In The Soul Sister Sessions, one of my favourite topics that we cover is Self Love. We break down what Self Love actually means, how we can practice it and how it can bring more ease into our lives. We also talk about what gets in the way of Self Love - because when we can spot the things that sabotage our Self Love we can start to watch happens when we're triggered into Self Hate or Self Negativity. Through this awareness we can be more gentle with ourselves and practice Self Love in the times we need it most.

In the Sessions, we focus in on 3 ways that we can sabotage our Self Love and I'm excited to be sharing all of them with you in a three part video series.

In Part One, I 'll be dropping the C word. Comparison that is. Geez, get your mind out of the gutter!

Have a watch...

If comparison is something that triggers that Self Negativity ask yourself:

  • Where does comparison show up for me?
  • How can I shift my reaction to comparison to coming from a space of love?

 I'd love to know your answers or anything else this video brings up for you so share away in the comments below,

Xx Amelia

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