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Video | How to stop self sabotaging and actually stick to your goals


Self sabotage is something a lot of us struggle with. I don't love the idea of SELF sabotage because it puts the blame on us which means we go into a cycle of self blame, negativity and guilt.

Self sabotage isn't so much self sabotage as it is Inner Critic Sabotage.

It's our inner critic that tells us to repeat old patterns and that we're not worth making the change. SO rather than trying to get motivated or use willpower to stop Inner Critic Sabotage, we need to amp up our self worth - so that when we're in a situation that we might 'self sabotage' (like a new relationship, starting to make healthy changes, or taking a leap in a new career direction) we have a deep sense of self worth that we can plug back into and over ride what our Inner Critic is saying to us.

In this video, I talk about how to rebuild self worth so that 'self sabotage' becomes a thing of the past. It's all about tapping into our intuition and embodying our best self so that we can be guided towards what will serve us best in that moment - no willpower required! This is a huge part of the EASE you've heard me banging on about...

Another sneaky way our Inner Critic can sabotage us is by saying that we'll act later - we'll eat well tomorrow, we'll start yoga next week, we'll start thinking about pursuing our dream career in 6 months. What out inner critic does by putting these things off is robs us of our power to act because....

We can only act in the present moment.

By putting off taking action towards the changes we want to make we often find the changes super hard work ie. we 'self sabotage'! I used to do this all the time with what I ate - I'd eat junk and tell myself that I'd be 'good' starting tomorrow. I did it with exercise as well - if I didn't feel like going to to a hard work out at the gym, I just wouldn't do anything, promising that I'd make sure I went the next day. Does this ring any bells in your life too?

But the problem was, I often wasn't 'good' with my eating the next day and there would be another excuse not to get to the gym so essentially, I wasn't really getting anywhere! My Inner Critic was doing exactly what it wanted to do - keep me stuck!

Now I'm much more aware of this sneaky Inner Critic Sabotage and it empowers me to make good choices in the moment - I choose some lovely 85% dark chocolate or a cup of chai tea instead of scoffing a block of milk chocolate. I go for a walk or do some yoga if I don't feel like working up a sweat with a high intensity work out. I take action that helps me be the very best version of myself - moment by moment.

All of this comes back to creating a solid foundation of self worth so that we can trust our inner wisdom..

The actions steps from the video you can take now to help you stop 'self sabotaging' once and for all are:

  • Practice tuning into your intuition using meditation, or journaling - grab my guide to starting an amazing journaling practice here.
  • Get in touch with your best self by writing about your perfect day. Go into detail about how you feel and act so that you can connect with and embody your best self through out your days.

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