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Video | From Body Shame to Body Love

Body image stuff is something that all of us struggle with from time to time. In fact, as women, we often relate by sharing all the things we don't like about our body.

I had an experience recently where I watched a stuff-I-hate-about-my-body comparison fest unfold and it broke my heart. So let's talk about how we can move from body shame to body love...

So you've got it in writing, here are my steps to body love:

1. Practice Body Presence - start to be present with your body and feel it as you massage in body oil or moisturiser or a lovely body scrub. Move your focus from how your body looks to becoming interested in how your body feels. Celebrate your femininity!

2. Embody your 'best self' as you move through your day - how would you move, think and interact? We are obsessed with the idea of getting a 'perfect body' because we think it will make us FEEL a certain way. For example, we think, 'If I could just lose 5kgs, I would be so confident!'. In reality, even if we do lose 5kgs, we'd find another reason to lack confidence because we're trying to create it from the outside. Feeling how you want to feel is an inside job so by embodying confidence, we start to attract things into our life that will reflect that to us - whether that's a lighter body, a great job, or a wonderful partner. It has to come from within! (If you want to know more about this, I'll be sharing a vid soon, or you can come along to to this Sunday's Meet-Up where I'll be sharing my secrets to ease and balance)

3. Be the example - stop trash talking your bod and start being kind to your self. Be the light for your friends, sisters, and (especially!) kids by talking about your body in a positive way.

Finally, one last bonus tip that we spoke about at last Sunday's Workshop - be GRATEFUL for your body! Without it your wouldn't be here, you simply wouldn't be able to interact with the world. Your body allows you to dance, to enjoy food, to travel, to read, to hug, to make love.

Let me know in the comments - is this something you struggle with? Take action by declaring one thing you're going to start doing to practice body love!

Xx Amelia