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Video | The spiritual practice you don't even know you're doing!

One of the things I love working on with my coaching clients and talk about alot in The Soul Sister Sessions is making those more day-to-day tasks more intentional as a way of weaving more spiritual connection and ease into their lives. Really, there are lots of things we do all the time that can become super powerful be doing them with more intention - a great example is mindful eating, which I wrote about here.

In today's video I talk about a practice that I am sure each and every one of us does on the regular (some more than others I'm sure!). Have a watch...

It might sound a little esoteric but this stuff works! Case in point: I gave my wardrobe a huge clean out before I went on holiday to Europe just over a month ago. I finally threw out a couple of 'just-in-case I decide I like them again/a friend needs to borrow/I need to ride a horse/I spill food on my fave pairs all at once (not actually that unlikely) etc. etc' pairs of jeans that I'd kept for ages.

I was holding onto the fact that I used to love those jeans and that they were pretty pricey when I bought them. What I realised as I was cleaning out my wardrobe and home, is despite this, the jeans no longer held value for me. They we're literally just taking up space. So I donated them, along with a whole lots of other clothes, books, and home wares that were no longer bringing me joy.

I hadn't found a great pair of jeans for ages - a pair that fit well, were super comfy, and made me feel good. Until...hey presto, on my trip I picked up 2 awesome pairs that I've lived in since.

It didn't really occur to me that I'd finally replaced those old jeans with jeans I really love until I sat down and re watched this video! Now it's totally clear what happened - I made space for the things I desired, and they we're able to come into my life.

Here's a few ways to create space in your life:

  • For more abundance and better cash flow, clean out your wallet! Chuck those old receipts and loyalty cards, put the coins into a 'treat yourself' jar, and arrange the notes with the highest number at the front
  • If you haven't read a good book for ages, take any that are collecting dust and donate them to the local secondhand book store
  • If you'd love more ease when it comes to healthy eating, give your pantry and fridge a big clean out - chuck anything that's expired, and donate any food that's still fine to eat but that you probably wont munch on to your local shelter (or a poor uni student!)
  • To make space for more beautiful natural products in the bathroom, give away or chuck any makeup or products hiding at the back of drawers and shelves.
  • To attract more travel, make sure you keep your passport, foreign currency, international power adapters, travel pillows, eyes masks, bags, and suitcases organised and clean. Ready to jet off at the drop of a hat!
  • If you'd like more stillness or a daily meditation practice, make space for that too! Find a corner of your house where you can put a cushion and maybe some crystals, a candle, and your journal. You're much more likely to meditate if you have a spot for it! If you'd like some medi space inspo, I have pinned some gorgeous ones

Share and declare what you'll be making space for in the comments - and then scoot off and make it happy! ;)

Lots of love,

Xx Amelia

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