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Video: How to heal your relationship with food

For years, I had a really tortured relationship with food and my body. Thinking about what I could and couldn't eat took up SO much of my mental energy. If I ate 'good' food, I was allowed to feel good. If I ate 'bad' food, I quickly descended into self loathing and would obsess over what I'd eat the following to make up for it.

I had no idea what it felt like to have a healthy relationship with food and I actually believed that I never would - I thought I'd always have to use willpower to 'stay on track' with my eating.

One day I decided enough was enough and I threw everything I had into healing my relationship with food on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Now I have that effortless relationship with food that I'd always craved and I help many of my private clients heal their relationship with food as well!

If eating or food is something you're struggling with, today's video has my tips for getting started with creating a great relationship with food...

My tips for healing your relationship with food:

- Make cooking enjoyable by buying food from farmers markets or local sources, treating yourself to a great cook book, and playing some tunes or listening to a podcast while you're in the kitchen

- Make eating a lovely and enjoyable experience by sitting at a nicely set table, without distraction of TV, phone, or any other technology

- Practice mindful eating by saying thanks for your food and being mindful of how you're feeling and what you're eating

- Don't reward yourself with food - instead reward yourself with a lovely experience or a treat of another kind

- Make healthy versions of your favourite 'treats' so that you can indulge without triggering a guilt-emotional eating cycle

- Finish your evening meal with a sweet experience, rather than sweet food (because it's unlikely that you're actually hungry right after dinner). Try having a bath, reading a novel, having a snuggle with your pets or partner, or giving yourself a hand massage with your favourite organic hand cream

- Start to become aware of the emotional reasons that you turn to food by checking in and asking yourself 'How am I feeling right now?' when you find yourself wanting to eat when you're not physically hungry

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Big love,

Xx Amelia

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