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Video: How to Tell The Difference Between Your Intuition + Fear {+ my YouTube channel is live!}

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Have you ever felt pulled to make a change in your life – perhaps following a passion, taking a trip, or ending a relationship?

You’re feeling like you’re really onto something when suddenly…the self doubt kicks in. You start to feel like perhaps it’s not the right thing. You worry what other people will think. You worry about the effort involved. You wonder if now is really the right time.

You’re also wondering…is this my inner critic getting caught up with fear? Or is it my intuition telling me to reconsider.

As a coach, this has to be come on the questions I get asked the most – how do I tell the difference between fear and my intuition.

In today’s video, I walk you through my tips…

Here's those steps in writing:

1. Your inner critic is likely to be running the show when you’re tense, stressed or busy. Your intuition tends to come through when you’re relaxed and calm – like those nuggets of inspiration that hit while you’re in the shower or walking in nature.

2. Notice your physical experience as you weigh up your options - if it's intuition you'll feel grounded and in your body and you'll feel calm, connected, expansive, and open. If it's your inner critic you'll feel more scattered and ungrounded, perhaps with a sense of energy buzzing around your head and shoulders.

3. The inner critic makes a 'story' and jumps 10 steps ahead into the future (usually with anxiety attached!). You're stuck in fear town if you've gone into comparison, perfectionism, or 'what if's'. Intuition on the other hand is that initial instinct that is usually just one word or phrase of guidance. It's a gentle feeling or sense that you might enjoy something as opposed to the inner critic's story which is usually very verbal and frantic.

4. The intuition is gentle – leading you in the form of likes and dislikes, interests and desires. If the current option doesn’t feel right, your intuition will likely give you a gentle nudge in another direction. The inner critic becomes very attached to things having to look a certain way and thinks in terms of all-or-nothing – “Either I start now or it will never happen” or “there’s no point trying unless it can be perfect”.

Taming your inner critic and tuning in to your intuition is something you’ll get better at with practice – stay tuned for more videos and meditations on my NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL to help you become an intuitive goddess!

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