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4 ways to find more happiness every day

Way too often, we put conditions on our happiness. We tell ourselves we’ll be happy when we get the pay rise/meet our soul mate/lose the weight/move into our dream home. We tell ourselves we’ll be happy later. We tell ourselves that happiness depends on our external appearance and success.

When we do this, we reserve happiness for a mythical time when our life is ‘perfect’ and waste day after month after year not being happy. And even if you do happen upon those ‘perfect’ circumstances, the happiness isn’t sustainable – once the initial excitement wears off, you’ll be left wondering why you don’t feel as great as you thought you would.

The reason this happens is that sustainable happiness can only happen on an internal level. Frankly, the external world is way to fickle for us to trust it to keep us feeling great! The truth is that happiness can only come from within (cliché I know but it’s true!). The awesome news is, this means that we can create our own happiness NOW.

Being happy is a choice you make every day. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to look at the world in a way that makes you feel great or a way that makes you feel horrible.

I’m not saying you’re not allowed to feel sad and have crappy days, you absolutely are! And I know that there are people going through difficult times and happiness seems like a distant memory.

Wherever you're at, there are ways to bring snippets of more peace and happiness into you life - here are four ways to bring more happiness into your every day

1.  Stop believing your stories.

Our inner critic loves to keep us in the misery guts zone by repeating stories that keep us stuck. Things like ‘I’m lazy’, ‘I’m terrible with money’, ‘I can’t trust because I’ve been hurt before’, ‘I’m too shy to make new friends’ etc are nothing but limiting beliefs. The more you buy into these stories, the harder it is to be happier. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t have the health, career, and relationships of your dreams – each of these stories why you can’t is just a little hurdle you need to hop over on the way. When these limiting beliefs pop up, watch them, let go of them, and reconnect to the part of you that knows you can do anything you put your mind to.

2. Be vulnerable.

Nothing makes us happier than authentic human connection but that dang inner critic gets in our ear and tells us that being ‘perfect’ is better than connecting. So instead of opening up to our friends when we’re having doubts or feeling crappy, we say we’re fine. We play it cool instead of telling someone how we really feel about them. We live in fear of being rejected or judged for being who we really are. Make a decision to be authentic – to say yes to the things you love doing and say no to things that aren’t making you feel great. To be OK with the ups and downs of life, and letting others in along the way.

3. Trust your gut.

Your intuition will always nudge you towards what you need to experience – the problem is, we’re often masters at ignoring it. Start to tune into that inner voice by asking yourself the following questions when you’ve got a decision to make.

  • What do I feel most inspired to do?
  • What will make me feel amazing?
  • What is the most loving choice I can make for myself?
  • What feels right for me?

4.     Practice gratitude.

If you’re reading this article, you have plenty to be grateful for. You’ve got an Internet connection, a device, and electricity. Maybe you’re reading this on your comfy couch, or on your commute from a job that gives you resources to do things you love. It can be too easy to slip into a lack mentality and stop appreciating all the little things. Our inner critic gets in our ear and we get caught up with comparison and feeling like we need more money/stuff/popularity/etc to feel happy.

You’ve might have heard that practicing gratitude will work wonders for your happiness (not to mention boost your manifesting mojo!), but is it something you’re making time for every day? Let’s make it happen shall we…

Choose a time in your day for your gratitude practice – maybe you can jot down 5 things you’re grateful for when you sit down to work for the day, or share what you’re grateful for at the dinner table.  My partner and I share three things we’re grateful for before we go to sleep at night. Pop gratitude reminders into your phone or post-it notes around your house to prompt you to stop and think of something you’re grateful for several times a day. 

Making your happiness a priority will inject more joy back into your days and put you on the path to living your most amazing life.

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Big love,

Xx Amelia