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5 Ways to Master Daily Meditation

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools you can use to create a deep sense of inner peace, improve awareness, and foster great focus and motivation. Our relationships, career, and health all benefit hugely from a few minutes spent in stillness every day. Regular meditation makes it easier to cope with stress, emotions, and the general ups and downs of life.

Despite the incredible benefits, a regular meditation practice can be a tricky habit to get into – as easy as it seems to take 10 to 20 minutes out of our day, it can be that much easier not too!

As a Life Coach, I’ve seen the transformative effect of a regular meditation, both in my own life and for my clients. I’ve helped many sworn non-meditators become masters of regular meditation and I want to help you to do the same – here’s five tips to help you make meditation stick:

1. Create space

Designate a space in your home that is solely for meditation – you might like to put a cushion or chair in the corner of your bedroom or office, or find a nice spot outdoors. Make this space feel inviting to you and display any objects that have special or spiritual meaning to you. Things like flowers, crystals, photos, mala beads, your journal, and candles will make your meditation space feel extra calming and enticing.

This space serves as a visual reminder for daily meditation and it saves you having to decide where to meditate, what you want to bring with you, and which spot needs the least tidying before you can actually sit down and enjoy the stillness.

Here's some photos of my meditation space that I set up in the corner of my home office:

2. Focus on making meditation happen, not how it looks

Don't start out by deciding you have to meditate for 30 minutes every day and stick to a certain teaching or style – if you have this strict approach, you’re more likely to fall off the meditation wagon sooner.

The key is to be flexible so that you can make meditation happen, even on days that are full or stressful. You can meditate by staying mindful during a walk, by focusing on your breath for 2 minutes when you wake up, or by listening to a 5 minute guided meditation. Make your aim to find stillness for a couple of minutes a day and go from there – soon enough you’ll find a meditation style that fits well with you and you’ll effortlessly become a daily meditator.

Don’t tell yourself that you’re a ‘bad’ meditator because you can’t clear your mind because that’s not the point! Meditation is about awareness. If you sit down and your monkey mind goes wild the whole time, so be it. The more you meditate, the longer those juicy stretches of peace and presence with get.

3. Meditate as soon as you wake up.

Do you want to have an amazing day, feeling zen and happy, and be super productive too while you’re at it? Then meditate first thing in the morning!

Stop telling yourself you don't have the time! If you have time to check Facebook or emails, try on three different outfits, or hit the snooze button, then you have time to meditate.

If you do it first thing, you eliminate the chances of other things getting in the way and you can feel good all day about having already ticked meditation off your list.

4. Find a guided meditation you love.

Upload some guided meditations to your phone so you have a selection ready to go as soon as you want them. To get you started, you can download my free Inner Peace Guided Meditation here and you can purchase my 12 track guided meditation experience here.

The meditations in Meditate with Amelia are all backed by beautiful soothing music and range from five to 15 minutes long so you can do whatever fits in with your day. There are techniques and visualisations for embodying self love, manifesting abundance, moving through difficult emotions, receiving intuitive guidance and heaps more!

5. Extend an invitation.

If you find having your kids, housemates, family, or partner around makes it difficult to meditate, try asking them to join you! Throw some cushions on the living room floor and turn on a short guided meditation for anyone who wants to join you.

Don’t force them into it — leading by example is best! Show them that you’re committed and they are welcome to join you and even if they don’t they’ll give you the space you need to meditate each day.

With these tips you’ll be a master meditator in no time – take action now by choosing one tip to incorporate right away!

Happy meditating!

Big love,

Xx Amelia