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Video: 4 easy ways to boost your money mojo + create abundance in your life

Since starting my business, I've had to become super aware of my mindset around money. I've learned how important it is to stay in an abundance mindset as much as possible and I've seen the huge impact it has on how much I am able to receive. The magic of cultivating this abundance mindset is that, when we feel abundant, we're not getting caught up in stress or anxiety. We are present, trusting and open to abundance not only financially but in every area of our life.

Soon after going full time in my business, I noticed that I would slip into a lack energy when I was overwhelmed by the idea that what I earned was all on me - no regular pay check to rely on any more! I remember saying to a friend that I felt richer as a 'poor' uni student because at least then I knew how much I'd get paid every week.

The interesting thing was that I was earning more from my business that I ever did while I was studying - so why was I going into stress around my finances!? I've realised both from my own experiences and from working with my private clients that how 'rich' or 'poor' we feel often has very little to do with our monthly salary or savings balance, and a whole lot more to do with how we think, speak, and interact with our money.

Whether you're a business owner or not, this weeks video has 4 easy tricks to help you to boost your money mojo and start to live a life of abundance...

Here's a quick summary of my 4 ways to boost your money mojo and experience more financial abundance:

1. Buy what you want - not what's cheapest.

When we let price be the only factor in our purchasing decisions, we are devaluing ourselves in a huge way. Start purchasing decisions by asking yourself - 'If money was no option, what would I buy?'. Maybe the price difference is small and you can afford the one you want. Maybe there's a way to meet in the middle. Maybe you can buy what you want for less online, or if you buy in bulk and share it with friends.

When we start by aligning ourselves with our ideal outcome, our focus and energy goes towards attracting and creating what we want, rather than settling for whatever our inner critic has convinced us we're allowed to have.

2. Spend like you're living your dream life.

This doesn't mean racking up a huge credit card bill and living a life of luxury - it's about noticing if you're putting off certain purchases. Like my example from the video, are you waiting to live in the perfect house before you can buy the homewares you really love? Are you waiting until you lose weight to buy clothes that make you feel like a goddess? Are you waiting until you get a pay rise before you start investing or supporting your favourite charity?

The inner critic loves to tell us that we can have what we want when we're 'better', 'richer' or the timing is 'perfect'. This is just it's sneaky trick to keep us stuck because we end up waiting our whole life for the perfect circumstances to have what we want. Ask yourself 'How would my best self spend/save/invest/donate?' and use your answer to guide your money actions.

If your worthiness needs a boost so that you can truly feel that you deserve the abundance you desire, I recommend doing my I Am Worthy and Manifesting Abundance meditations every day for a week - you can purchase in them here.

3. Only buy items that you'd be willing to pay full price for

Avoid purchasing thins just because they're on sale - always ask yourself, 'Would I be willing to pay full price for this?'. When you're online shopping, search for a specific item instead of sorting things by price or browsing aimlessly. (Side note: aimlessly browsing is similar to emotional eating in the sense that we do it when we're avoiding an emotion - shut down your browser and sit with whatever is coming up for you).  

If you would be willing to pay full price for an item, by all means snap it up if you see it on sale! If you wouldn't be, save your moolah for something you really love instead of wasting it on a bargain that you'll never use.

4. Speak the language of abundance

Ditch phrases like 'I can't afford it', 'I'm always broke', I don't know where my money goes', and 'I'm terrible with money' from your vernacular quick-smart. The more we say these things, the more we start to believe them and the more we behave as though they are true.

Next time your inner critic say 'I can't afford it' switch that statement on it's head and ask - how CAN I afford it? Often you'll have the money anyway (how often do we say we can't afford things without checking our bank balance!), and if you don't, come up with a savings plan or budget that will get you there.


Our ability to attract abundance is hugely impacted by our emotional state, perception of the world, our physical environment, and our subconscious thought and behaviour patterns. I love working with my one-on-one clients to help them remove the obstacles that are getting in the way of them living a life overflowing with abundance - if you'd love to smash through your money blocks, learn how we can work together here.

Big love,

Xx Amelia