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8 ways to connect with your inner goddess and magnetic feminine energy

At my Inner Peace Party a couple of weeks ago, we dove into the topic of being a magnetic, powerful, feminine goddess. Oh la la, such a juicy, fun topic and a great evening! I could have kept talking and sharing with the ladies who joined me all night...but I wanted to pop onto my blog and share a snippet with you too :)

With most of us leading jam-packed lives, our feminine side can get a little neglected as we chase career goals and life achievements, and spend all our time plugged in and on the go. This go-go-go, driven, competitive, pushing-the-limits approach is inherently masculine and before long, we start to feel burned out...

We stop feeling like a sparkly goddess and instead feel cranky and stressed. We lose the fun and spontaneity and replace it with overthinking and running-on-fumes. Not to mention our sex drive can take a dive as we're constantly bombarded by our mental to-do list - nothing like zero libido to leave us feeling less-than-goddess like!

The good news is, it's actually quite simple to slip back into goddess mode. When we're taking a little bit of time out and looking after ourselves, we get our sparkle back. We laugh more, dance more, sing more. We're joyful and at peace. We're magnetic to our partners (or the objects of our desire!). We're radiant and generous with our time and energy - because were taking action to make ourselves feel good so we can show up for others. We're powerful in a feminine way - rather then exhausted from constantly trying to prove or assert ourselves in our masculine world.

If your inner goddess and femininity needs a bit of nurturing so you can find your sparkle again, here are 8 ways to do just that...


I told you it was simple didn't I!

Taking a bath forces us to let go of distractions and the never ending to-do list and just be. There's something very feminine about being in the water - add lavender, rose, or ylang ylang essential oil and Epsom salts to the tub to really nurture yourself. Play some relaxing music, light candles and read a relaxing novel if you feel like it.

How I make it happen: I try and make time for at least one bath each week - I block out an hour or so in my calendar so I'm not tempted to fill the time with social engagements or work. Try it!


Spending time with Mama Nature is so nourishing for our femininity! Try moving or meditating outside, or just take a walk around the block in the morning or evening and appreciate the nature you can see. Take your lunchbreak outdoors and orgainise girly catchups over picnics or walks. Buy a plant for your office or home and bring the nature to you! Every time you look at it, it's a little reminder to nurture your inner goddess. 

How I make it happen: First thing in the morning, I open all the curtains and let the sunshine in. I walk the dog at our local park (this walk is almost always phone free) and usually slip my shoes off for some barefoot grounding on the grass. Because I work from home, I take lots of little outdoor breaks and open up the windows to let in fresh air during the day.  I also try to head outside and spend a few moments in moonlight before I hop into bed.

3. Angel cards

Angel or oracle cards are a great way to take a moment to tap into your intuitive feminine knowing and get some guidance. You can use them however you like and most decks come with a instrcution booklet to give you ideas. My favourite decks are the Goddess Guidance Cards by Doreen Virtue and the Little Sage Oracle Cards.

How I make it happen: I pull a card after my morning meditation and do a spread whenever I'm in need of guidance or when I'm doing my Inner Peace Party ritual.

4. Get creative

Creativity is such a beautiful way to spend some time in the peace of the present moment. Feminine creativity is all about expressing yourself and enjoying the process, rather than trying to create a masterpiece or make something for profit. Try painting, drawing, cooking, craft, gardening, flower arranging even making your own bath or home products. If you'd like some inspo, I've created Pinterest boards with craft ideas, DIY natural beauty, and DIY natural cures and cleaners.

Choose one creative activity and pop it into your calendar now!

How I make it happen: This year I've done a couple of evening pottery courses, painting workshops, drawing classes, and a flower arranging workshop just to name a few. I love doing these with my sister or girlfriends - such a fun way to spend some time together. We often get together for art evenings or afternoons at one of our houses as well. I love cooking pretty much every day and find my time in the kitchen super relaxing - I pop on a good podcast or some music and get in the zone!

5. Meditate

I feel like you're already well versed on the fact that meditation will make life happier, easier, and more peaceful - but it's also a great way to recharge your feminine by just taking a moment to BE. If you'd like to try a meditation specifically tailored to recharging your inner goddess, the Goddess Power Meditation on my Meditate with Amelia album will guide you through a visualisation that will do just that. You can also find some powerful free guided meditations on my YouTube channel

How I make it happen: I meditate every morning for at least ten minutes and do my Goddess Power medi in the bath.

6. Yin Yoga

The yin in the yin and yang represents the feminine energy (the yang is masculine). Yin yoga is a style of yoga specifically designed to nurture the feminine energy - it's much slower and you'll sit with each pose for several minutes. A class often requires real surrender because sometimes poses get uncomfortable so you need to go within and breathe to get through them. There's often some emotional release as you sit in a yin pose but it's a great time to allow yourself to feel and release stagnant emotions. I also love restorative yoga which is more gentle (you use props like cushions and blankets to make each pose super comfy).

How I make it happen: I love doing yin yoga at home, there are lots of videos and tutorials online. I've been doing this easy sequence before bed for the last little while and it's super calming, I love it!

7. Dance

Nothing like having a boogie to make you feel like a goddess! Make a playlist of tunes you love dancing to and play it while you do housework or cook, or shower. Don't worry about how you look (or that you feel like a bit of a goose), just let your body be free and move with the rhythm. Sing and bop along to music while you're in traffic.

When I gave up binge drinking and partying, the only thing I really missed was the dancing!

8. Get oily

Essential oils are a huge part of my self care routine and really help me find lovely pockets or peace and me-time during my days. Not only do they small amazing but they have great uses for skin, self care, cleaning and mood! You can diffuse them, use them as a fragrance, make them into a spray, and put them on your face and body. Be sure to buy top quality and organic oils - low quality oils can cause adverse reactions or be diluted with a cheap carrier oil. 

How I make it happen: My favourite practice with my oils is aromatic dressing which means covering myself in the delicious oils! I intuitively choose a blend (lately I've been loving the super feminine combo of bergamot, grapefruit, and lavender - so divine!) and add a few drops of each oil to about 1/2 a tablespoon of almond or coconut oil then massage it all over my body when I hop out of the shower. Goddess powers activated!

There are so many ways to nurture our inner goddess so take a minute to think about when you feel most feminine. Try to incorporate at least one goddess practice each day - some only take a minute or two so you can make it happen even if you're time-poor.

If you have any great goddess practices, share them in the comments!

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P.S. If you feel like your femininity has been a bit neglected and you're not really sure how to find your inner goddess or be more feminine and magnetic, shoot me an email at I help my private clients step into their goddess power all the time, and I'd love to help you too. 

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