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Video: How to cut back on drinking without losing your social life

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Wanting to cut back on alcohol is something lots of my friends and clients go through - and maybe it's something that's been on your mind as well!

I think we all get to a point where we're sick of partying and spending our weekends hungover, and as old and daggy as it makes us feel, we find ourselves prioritising an early yoga class over a big night out.

But cutting back can be tricky as often a huge part of our social life revolves around drinking alcohol. It's not about totally giving up our current social calendar or ditching our friends - it's about finding ways to socialise with less or no alcohol and then looking at what activities and friends will support you to go booze-free.

In today's video, I share my (rather unique) journey with alcohol and where I stand with it now as well as insights and tips for anyone wanting to cut back...

For more ideas for drink-free fun with your mates, you'll love this article on nurturing female friendships and this post on fun ways to have a healthy social life.

I'm going to be popping into my Happy Healthy Inner Peace group this Wednesday (March 30th) to ask the lovely HHIP ladies about their experiences or questions about cutting back on booze, you can come and join the conversation here.

Share this video with anyone in your life who's a bit sick of the party scene!

Big love,

Xx Amelia