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Heart Warrior Podcast Interview: Manifesting the sh*t out of your desires and getting clear on your life’s purpose

A little while ago I got together with Dani Pola, the host of the awesome Heart Warrior Podcast, and fellow coach Tracey Spencer to talk all things manifesting and purpose. We cover so much ground and there are so many juicy tips and tidbits in the episode!

For years I’ve been obsessed with the idea of manifesting and I’ve been amazed to see that aligning with my desires on a mental, spiritual, and emotional level has brought my big dreams into reality.

I’ve manifested everything from new yoga pants, to my dream relationship, to a printer for my office, to my Exhale Mindfulness Studio!

Now none of these things could have happened without plenty of action…but that’s all part of manifesting (you’ll learn more about this in the podcast!).  

Especially when I was in the process of setting up Exhale, I could really tell when I was in manifesting mode and when I was operating from a place of fear or desperation. I was so excited to get things up and running that I jumped at the first space I saw. Soon everything started to become an uphill battle and after months of back-and-forth I had to pull the plug on the space.

I was surprised to feel much more relieved than upset – which made me realise that maybe it wasn’t the right space at all! Because the whole thing had been quite stressful, I decided to stop pushing so hard and look for another space when I felt ready. I had a lovely relaxing evening in with Trav and before bed I journaled about what I wanted from the space. For the first time in ages, I really connected with the feeling of fulfillment I would get from helping people relax and destress.

The next morning, my lovely friend Amy messaged me saying ‘I’m not sure where you’re at with the meditation studio but the space next to mine had just become available’. I’ve always loved seeing Amy for acupuncture and TCM in her peaceful corner of West Perth so I arranged to see the space and the rest is history!

From the moment I got her text, the whole process felt easy and flowed and Exhale was open within a month! It’s been challenging at times of course but I haven’t felt like I’ve had to push and battle like I did with the other space. When a challenge pops up, I go back to how I want the space to feel and before know it I can see a solution.

To help bring the studio to life, I used lots of manifesting tricks like changing my passwords to remind me of the studio, to making my desktop a picture of a space that I found inspiring, to sharing my dream with friends and family.

If you’ve got a big dream or you’d like to figure out what your is, you’ll love this podcast episode!

At a glance, here’s what we cover (in just under 40 minutes!):

-       How to simplify manifestation

-       How to feel good while you work towards your goals

-       How to figure out what you want from like (instead of checking boxes or trying to live up to other people’s expectations)

-       How to change your career or life direction with ease and flow

-       The secret to making big things happen in your life

-       How to avoid comparisonitis and let go of self doubt

-       The secret hack to make you 70% more likely to achieve your goals

-       How to align yourself energetically with your desires

-       How to create momentum and a success mindset as you work towards your goals

-       How to let go of expectations open yourself up to new opportunities and possibilities

-       How to trust your gut and follow your intuition


Have a listen to the podcast here or search Heart Warrior Podcast on the podcast app.

Happy manifesting beautiful!

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Xx Amelia