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The ultimate journaling exercise for a purposeful and motivated 2017

The end of the calendar year is a great time to reflect on the past 12 months. It’s also a great to re-asses where’ we’re at and set new goals and intentions for how we’d like to move forward.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve loved helping my coaching clients to map out and plan their amazing 2017’s. Because, as the saying goes, ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish!’. There’s simply no point dreaming big and leaving it at that – and I see way too many people who are all talk and no action. And I know you don’t want to be one of those people!

Writing down your goals and mapping out a plan makes you over 70% more likely to achieve your goals than people who don’t write down their goals.

So, today I’m excited to share a journaling exercise to help you get some clarity around the year ahead and the direction you’d like to move in in all areas of your life.

Grab your journal and write at least half a page on each of the following questions…

1. Which areas of your life are flowing well?

It's key to look at where we're excelling so that we can play to out strengths. Noticing what's working gives our self esteem a boost, which in turn, motivated and energises us to take action.

2. Where are you feeling more stuck?

The first step to finding your flow again is acknowledging any changes that need to be made or any needs or wants that aren't being met.

3. How would you like to have grown on an internal level (emotionally, mentally, spiritually) at the end of 2017?

Our goals can often focus on the external but before we can make changes to our living situation, relationship status, career, or physical body, we need to address anything that's going on internally that's getting in our way. Limiting beliefs, emotional blockages, and being disconnected from our intuition makes knowing what we want difficult, and taking action in the right direction highly unlikely. The moral of the story: get clear on the internal changes that need to be made and make addressing them a priority. 

4. How would you like to your life to be different at the end of 2017?

Now we look at the more external shifts you'd like to create. Maybe it's house move, a career shift, a relationship change, travel, savings, what you eat, how you move, who you spend time with, how you spend your days - think about how you'd like your external world to look at the end of 2017.

These changes not only give you something solid to work towards, but if you look a little deeper, each one will give you clues about the internal changes that you need to make to get there because they represent a feeling that you're chasing.

5. How can you make these changes?

This is the most important part of any goal setting exercise! Map out the small steps so you can consistently work towards what you want.

6. Who can you ask for help? Who will keep you on track and accountable?

Putting in a support system is your secret weapon to fast tracking your goals. Whether it's a coach, health practitioner, your partner, bestie, a parent, or anyone you know who you can trust to listen, support, and motivate you - get them involved!

7. Make a list of 20 small practices that make you feel great. Do at least one of these each day.

Feeling great as we work towards our goals gets us there much faster than putting off feeling good until we get to the end destination. Make time every day for doing something that makes you feel great because a happy balanced you, is also a motivated, focused, and driven you.


Wishing you an inspiring, adventurous and peace-filled year ahead - watch this space for some big exciting changes, all new events, and the launch of a super exciting project that I've been working on behind the scenes for months!

Big love,

Xx Amelia

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