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Making Meditation Happen: My top tips!


Meditation is one of those things we all know would do us a tonne of good. It's also one of those things that seems to be bloody hard to turn into a daily habit.

The reason for this is that meditation is the very last thing our inner critic wants us to do because when we meditate, we become better at detaching from that fear driven voice. We're masters of coming up with excuses for not meditating or we just plain forget!

The effect of incorporating a daily meditation practice into your life is totally game-changing. Reduced stress? Check! More focus? Check! Easier decision making, more conscious relationships, and being able to hear the voice of our intution more clearly? Check, check, check!

Here are my tips to make daily meditation a no-brainer.

Create space
Make a lovely space to meditate in a cosy corner of your home. All you need is a cushion or chair and you're good to go! You can give it more of a spiritual feel by adding things like crystals, essential oils, oracle cards, your journal, mala or prayer beads, or your favourite candle. I also love fresh flowers and plants! This space will become your invitation to meditate - not to mention a visible reminder!

Make time
The most common reason that we don't plonk our butts down and medi is that we don't have time. Or should I say - we think that we don't have time! This is such a sneaky trick by our inner critic to stop us from meditating! The cool thing is, meditation actually buys us time - when we take time out to meditate, we're more focused, more emotionally balanced, and more productive and we get the time that we meditated back plus more!

There are two ways to make sure you always make time for meditation:

1. Get into the habit of meditating first thing in the morning (even if it's just for 2 minutes!) to get your day off to a great start.
2. Schedule your meditation and put a reminder in your phone to pop up when it's time to get your zen on. I meditate in the morning after I walk my dog and at the end of my work day. Before bed is another great options, especially if drifting off to dreamland is something you find challenging!

Get some guidance
Guided meditations make meditating a breeze, especially when you're just starting out or trying to become more consistent with your practice. I love using apps and YouTube for guided meditations (click here for my YouTube medis).

Big love,

Xx Amelia