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5 Rituals to Boost Self Worth

Having great self worth is absolutely key to living a beautiful healthy lifestyle

Before we can start eating well, living an active lifestyle or taking great care of ourselves, we need to believe that we are worth it! If we don’t, our motivation goes MIA and before the week is over, our new health kick is long forgotten.

For most of us, self worth is something that needs plenty of TLC. Right from when we are children, our self worth can take a beating – all those moments that we felt that we ‘failed’, all those moments we were criticized or rejected by people we loved, all those moments that we weren’t able to be ‘perfect’.

Sometimes, this can leave us believing that who we are and what we do is never enough. This very belief is one that lead us to self sabotage, procrastinate and give up on our dreams without really giving them a chance which only reinforces those feelings of inadequacy.

The good news is; self worth can be rebuilt. It just takes a little bit of awareness and nurturing to getting you feeling like you truly are so worthy of living the life of your dreams.

If your self worth needs some work – her are 5 rituals that will help you get started:

1. Create a lovely space for yourself
Tidy up, light a candle or diffuse some oils, put on some relaxing tunes. The way our space feels has a huge influence on how we feel and how we speak to ourselves so take some time to make your feel beautiful. Get rid of any possessions that you’re holding on to ‘just in case’ or because they were expensive or gifts. More about the power of decluttering in this video.

2. Forgive old grievances
The only person who is harmed by holding a grudge is the person who holds it. It’s so important to remember that, most of the time, the people we’re holding grudges against never set out to mess with us. And even if their intentions were malicious, their actions weren’t coming from their best self.  The truth is, everyone is doing their best (even if their best is actually rather crap). Use this fresh perspective to have compassion for the tough times or fear-based beliefs that people who hurt your we’re tangled up in – and feel your grip on that grudge gently loosen.

3. Take time for you
Part of feeling worthy and having great self esteem is about knowing who you truly are. This is so much easier said than done, especially in a world filled with endless distractions. Dedicate one evening each week just for ‘me time’. Use this time to meditate, journal, do your angel cards, read inspiring books, watch great TED talks or have long bath. This quiet time will allow your true self and intuition to come though and guide you towards more soul-nourishing and self worth boosting activities.

4. Get money savvy
While our net worth doesn’t define our self worth our self worth can often influence our relationship with money. Start putting money away every week to help make your dreams happen – even if it’s just $5. This is not as much about the amount of money as it is about the act of creating movement towards your goals - whether it’s a beautiful new dress, a treatment at an organic spa (this spa is my absolute fave), a big overseas adventure, or anything else your soul is craving. You might also like to start a Self Love Money Jar where you can put loose change that you’ll eventually put towards something that will make you feel amazing.

5. Meditate
Those feelings of inadequacy and not being enough pop up when we’re disconnected from our true selves and we’ve been sucked into believing everything our inner critic says. Meditation is a practice that allows us to take a step back and simply observe the inner critic, instead of getting carried away with it. Meditation creates space for us to reconnect with our heart and intuition – where the deeper knowing that we truly are enough lives.

I hope these rituals help you give your self worth a boost – share your own self worth practices in the comments!

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Big love,

Xx Amelia