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Six unexpected ways to find your passion and purpose

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Have you always wanted to uncover your life passion and purpose....but don't really know where to begin? If you want to live a big, inspiring life, figuring out your purpose is essential - because thats what will lead you to fulfilment and abundance!

I worked with over a thousand coaching clients who feel like they could be doing more with their life to tap into their purpose and find drive and motivation they never knew they had. We all want to find that thing that lights us up and brings us a tonne of joy and maybe even helps to make the world a better place.

Whether you’d like to make a career out of following your passion or you’d just like a little more meaning and motivation in your days, here are 5 ways to start to uncover that deeper purpose for your life...

1. Do what you love.

Grab a pen and paper and make a list of all the things you love to do. This can be those small things like drinking your tea snuggled on the couch, having fresh flowers in the house, or meeting friends at your favourite café. Include the big things too – your favourite hobbies, types of exercise, cities or countries, or tasks at work.

Be specific – what is it you like about these things? What do they make you feel? You’ll be left with a list of the things you’re naturally drawn to. Don’t worry it this list seems so obvious that it can’t possibly be unique – we often feel that way about the things we love doing! The similarities between these things are clues to finding your purpose. Now that you’ve got this list, include as many things from it into your day-to-day as possible. Not only will you feel great but you'll be aligning yourself with a passion and purpose-filled existence.

If you need some help, click here to download your free Find Your Purpose journalling prompts (+ regular free meditation and inspiration!) to get you started uncovering your divine purpose. 

2. Don’t do what you don’t love.

If you spend your days busily plugging away at tasks and activities that you don’t necessarily enjoy, finding your passion and purpose will be an uphill battle. You won’t have the energy or the experiences to point you in the right direction and you’ll get stuck in a holding pattern getting no closer to living a more passionate and purpose driven life.

It's time to step out of the busyness and start making some time for you to do the things that fill you up! Outsourcing is your friend here – it’ll free up your time and take you out of that holding pattern and towards your purpose. And just in case your inner critic just piped up and said 'I can't afford to outsource'....

Outsourcing isn’t just for people with tonnes of cash and it’s not something you should put off until you’ve ‘got the money’ in fact, outsourcing doesn't have to be expensive at all. One of the most cost effective ways to outsource is to get your fresh food and groceries delivered. It's money you're spending anyway so why not! I get a box of organic veggies delivered each week, and well as all our toilet paper and pet food. Doing things this way actually saves me money, not to mention several hours of time every week! I buy clothes and house and body products online as well which, again, is often cheaper and super convenient.

Think about what you can outsource - maybe it's getting a cleaner every fortnight, or paying to have your ironing done. You could get together with your besties and do a meal swap where you each make a big batch of something to share so you've got dinners sorted for the week. If you're a mama, look into getting a babysitter or weekly time with grandparents or family so you can have a few precious hours of me-time.

Use the time you've saved to do something that makes you feel amazing - use your list from the first point!

3. Follow the nudges.

It’s unlikely that your passion and purpose will come to you in a lightening bolt moment of insight. It’s more like a treasure hunt – until you get to the next clue, you probably won’t be able to see where you’re headed. Maybe you’re interested in attending a workshop that wouldn’t normally grab you – go along and see what happens. Maybe people keep telling you about a great workout they’ve been loving – go and check it out.

These nudges can come from within (that feeling something might be fun/nice to do) or can show up in the form of external signs (social media, friends, angel cards – anything you can think of!). Trust and follow those little nudges and stay open and curious as you do – before long, things will start to fall into place.


4. Try something new.

When you’re on the search for your passion and purpose in life, figuring out what’s not for you is just as helpful and finding the things that are for you. With that in mind, get out there and try doing things outside of your usual routine or comfort zone. Have you always wanted to try yoga? Book a class. Want to give an painting a go? Find your nearest art school and book in. Always start your day with a coffee? Switch it for a herbal tea and see how that makes you feel. Terrified of public speaking? Find a workshop you can attend.

With each experience, notice what you love about it, and what you don’t love about it. What lessons did you learn? You'll be collecting information that will help you get a clearer picture of what your most amazing, purpose-driven life looks like.

5. Meditate.

The truth of your purpose in this world is already within you, waiting to be uncovered. Sometimes the most powerful hints you’ll receive around your passion and purpose will come when you sit down in meditation. When we meditate, we create the space needed for our inner wisdom to come through by quieting the thoughts (even if it’s just for a second!).

Showing up to a daily meditation practice is a sure fire way to fast-track finding your purpose because it trains your brain to plug into those intuitive nudges. I can’t tell you how many life-altering insights or ideas have come to me during meditation or quiet moments in nature (or even in the shower!).

If you'd like some help tuning in, try the Intuitive Guidance Meditation on my Meditate with Amelia album - you can buy your copy here.

6. De-clutter.

Often, our external space is a reflection of our internal state. If we’re feeling stressed and scattered, our space starts to get cluttered and messy…which feeds into our feeling even more stressed and scattered. Rather than getting stuck in this vicious cycle, start with the easy stuff and de-clutter your space.

Throw out or donate anything you’re no longer using or that you don’t love. Things that you're keeping just because they were a gift or they were expensive or you used to love them need to go. When we hold onto material possessions that we don't love, we're coming from a place of lack and fear. We're putting out the vibe that there's not enough of what we desire and totally blocking abundance from flowing into our life.

De-cluttering is a great place to start when you’re feeling a bit lost about your passion and purpose because you’re actively opening up the flow of energy and soon enough, you’ll find some clarity.


Take some action today and get one step closer to living your most amazing purpose-driven and passion-fueled life.

Know something who's feeling a little lost or needs some direction? Make sure you share this post with them! And don't forget to download your free Find Your Purpose journalling prompts.

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