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Video: My secret to finding time for self care every day

Self care - we all know we should be doing it, right? We know it'll make us feel great and help us show up as our best selves but geez, it's hard to fit it into an already busy life! And honestly, where do we begin? Self care can be so many things and it can be hard to figure out which version of self care is going to be right for us.

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Video: How to overcome your fears and follow your dreams

Have you got a big idea, a grand vision or a passion that you are desperate to pursue or share with the world?

Chances are, on the other side of that thing that's calling your soul is that dreaded four letter word - fear. And a whole lot of it.

The more we follow our heart, the more we will be called to show up and be who we truly are. The more we will need to trust ourselves and follow our gut. The more we will feel vulnerable. The more fear will rear it's head. In today's video, I'm sharing the most common fears I hear from my big-dreaming clients - and how we can overcome these fears and start making those dreams into reality...

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12 ways to find instant peace for busy people

Recently, I was interviewed for one of my favourite podcasts – The Inspired Table Podcast with Jordanna Levin. Jordanna and I chatted about all things inner peace, intuition, and showing up as your best self.

We spoke about the fact that many people feel they’re too busy for inner peace – they simply don’t have any extra time in their lives for meditation, yoga, or self care.

I have seen over and over again (in my own life and for my private coaching clients) that living a more peaceful life doesn’t have to mean taking chunks of time out of your week or drastically changing your lifestyle. We can bring so much peace simply by bringing more intention to what we’re already doing...

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Video: Finding your flow in business and life

Since I started my business, I've had to traverse the steep learning curve that is working for myself. Whether you run your own business, your studying at uni, or your working on projects outside of work, you'll be familiar with how tricky it can be to find your groove and feel like you're consistently staying on top of things!

I've had to let go of the idea that more time = more gets done. I've had to create some serious boundaries around work time and me-time. I've had to learn how to prioritize and break up my time. I've tried head of different approaches and strategies with a curious mind to find a pretty consistent flow in running my business.

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