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Video | Sabotaging your Self Love | Part 3: Inner Critic

In Part 3 of my video series on Self Love sabotagers (Here's part 1 and part 2) I'm talking about the inner critic.

Understanding this concept has had such a profound impact on me - the realisation that we are not our thoughts but an observer of our thoughts is so SO powerful. Being able to distinguish between the voices of my head (ie. inner critic) and heart (ie. intuition) has helped me let go of emotional eating and anxiety, cultivate trust in my intuition and increased my self awareness by about a million percent...

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An easy way to quiet your mind when you're feeling overwhelmed

This is something I started doing a while ago during my morning walks. I decided I needed to figure out a way to quieten my chattering mind because I’d get halfway and realise I had been caught up in my head the whole time! I was missing the beautiful sunrise or forgetting to relish the peace of the early morning because I was too busy running through all the things I needed to do that day in my head ...

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