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Video: How to stay out of the comparison trap (and feel great being YOU!)

Have you ever felt like you were kicking career goals like a boss, only to feel deflated when a friend tells you they just got a promotion? Have you headed out lately, feeling like a bit of a minx... until you spotted another girl looking babin'? Were you feeling happy and fabulous as a single gal, only to get a big old pang of loneliness when you see a school mate flashing an engagement ring on Facebook? Maybe you were feeling stoked about getting fitter and stronger - at least until you saw that girl at your gym bust out a set of chin ups...

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Video: The number one way to deal with your inner critic

When I ask my tribe over on Instagram or in my Happy Healthy Ease Facebook Group what they struggle with the most, 'my inner critic' is by far the most common response.

Lot's of us don't know where to begin to start dealing with our inner critic - it's no surprise really when we've spent years of our life either battling against it or just flat out buying into it's negative self talk...

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Video | Sabotaging Your Self Love | Part 1: Comparison |

In The Soul Sister Sessions, one of my favourite topics that we cover is Self Love. We break down what Self Love actually means, how we can practice it and how it can bring more ease into our lives. We also talk about what gets in the way of Self Love - because when we can spot the things that sabotage our Self Love we can start to watch happens when we're triggered into Self Hate or Self Negativity...

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