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Video: Finding your flow in business and life

Since I started my business, I've had to traverse the steep learning curve that is working for myself. Whether you run your own business, your studying at uni, or your working on projects outside of work, you'll be familiar with how tricky it can be to find your groove and feel like you're consistently staying on top of things!

I've had to let go of the idea that more time = more gets done. I've had to create some serious boundaries around work time and me-time. I've had to learn how to prioritize and break up my time. I've tried head of different approaches and strategies with a curious mind to find a pretty consistent flow in running my business.

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My favourite free guided meditations

Meditation is amazing. Its a beautiful way to transform your mind set, let go of old grievances, open your heart, enhance your energy, navigate emotional suffering, and connect and centre yourself. Meditation is no longer just for hippies and yoga teachers! It's used by CEOs, fashion designers, business owners, and athletes - people at the top of their game ...

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