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Video: How I healed my relationship with food

Have you ever binged on food until you were so full you could burst? Have you vowed countless times to stay on a strict diet regime? Have you weighed yourself every day and only allowed yourself to feel good f the scales moved in the direction you wanted? Have you punished your body with super restrictive eating, overexercising, or extreme lengths to get to your 'goal weight'?...

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Video: How to start healing from emotional eating

Letting go of emotional and binge eating has been a HUGE part of my journey to self acceptance and true wellness on the inside and the outside! (Read more about it here if you like). If you're stuck in a cycle of emotional or binge eating, I feel you! It can be quite a soul destroying and disheartening place to be.

The good news is, you can let it go. You can get to a place where food has far less of an emotional weight and learn to eat only when your body needs to. In today's video, I'm sharing the very best place to begin when you're starting to heal emotional eating habits. This approach might surprise you and I'm betting it's something you haven't tried yet! I'm excited for you to experience the power in taking this step...

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The biggest healthy eating mistake you're making

A few weeks ago, I shared this post with my email subscribers and I was blown away by their response so I wanted to share it here on my blog as well.
The biggest mistake you're making with your healthy eating? If you think it's all about what you eat, you've forgotten that what is far more important is how you eat. Yep, it's time to take a look at how you behave when you sit down for a meal.

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Heal your Relationship with Food and Never Diet again with these 2 Questions

The other night my boyfriend and I went to the Satki Dining Room at Five Elements, a beautiful health resort about 20 minutes out of Ubud. The menu is vegan and mainly raw. We did the 7 (+ drinks!) course degustation and oh-my-stars it was scrumdiddlyumptious! If you are in Bali and anywhere near Ubud pop it on your must do list, especially if you’re a health nut (and even if you’re not!).

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