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5 Ways to Master Daily Meditation

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools you can use to create a deep sense of inner peace, improve awareness, and foster great focus and motivation. Our relationships, career, and health all benefit hugely from a few minutes spent in stillness every day. Regular meditation makes it easier to cope with stress, emotions, and the general ups and downs of life.

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Video: How to cut back on drinking without losing your social life

Wanting to cut back on alcohol is something lots of my friends and clients go through - and maybe it's something that's been on your mind as well!

I think we all get to a point where we're sick of partying and spending our weekends hungover, and as old and daggy as it makes us feel, we find ourselves prioritising an early yoga class over a big night out...

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Video: How I healed my relationship with food

Have you ever binged on food until you were so full you could burst? Have you vowed countless times to stay on a strict diet regime? Have you weighed yourself every day and only allowed yourself to feel good f the scales moved in the direction you wanted? Have you punished your body with super restrictive eating, overexercising, or extreme lengths to get to your 'goal weight'?...

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Video: The myth of willpower + my secret to unlimited motivation

When my lovely clients first come to me, they often lament their lack of willpower, blaming it for their on-again-off-again relationship with healthy eating, and practices like meditation and journaling. You've probably said it yourself - 'If only I had more willpower! If only I could be more disciplined! Then I'd be able to get healthy/lose weight/start that career/save money/etc.'

Here's the thing - relying on willpower will get us nowhere fast. It's a limited resource that often runs out (at about 3pm when someone brings treats into your office, am I right?!).

In this video, I'm blowing willpower out of the water - and telling you why you actually don't need it (at all!) to make your most amazing health and life happen. I'll be sharing how you can get motivated by using a force far more powerful than willpower that never gets depleted and that you can tap into any time...

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How to stop beating yourself up and start getting shit done

Have you been finding it tricky to stick with healthy eating or regular exercise? Maybe you find you meditate for a few days then stop for a couple of weeks before getting your cushion out again. Or perhaps you’re trying to quit smoking or binge drinking but you find yourself in a tricky situation, have a ‘weak moment’ and slip up - straight back to square one ...

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