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Video: 3 ways to become present and stop overthinking

Staying present is a huge challenge for a lot of us. In a world where what used to be moments of pause and stillness are now filled with snapchatting/instagram scrolling/texting/emailing/facebook stalking/checking the weather/online shopping/taking a selfie/you get the idea, it's no wonder the present moment is a rarely visited place...

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Video | How to stop procrastinating

The procrastination fairy casts her spell on all of us sometimes - and it seems like every day technology gives us another way to procrastinate!

To kick procrastination's butt, we need to train our brain to be able to focus in on one thing at a time instead of constantly searching for higher levels of stimulation. Why? Because not only do we get more done, but it keeps our stress levels way down! If you're someone who gets anxious or overwhelmed, it's likely your brain craves a too-high level of stimulation - ie. checking your phone while watching TV or having the urge to look at Instagram mid convo.

Here's how you can bring things back into balance so you can stop procrastinating and get that laser sharp focus happening:

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An easy way to quiet your mind when you're feeling overwhelmed

This is something I started doing a while ago during my morning walks. I decided I needed to figure out a way to quieten my chattering mind because I’d get halfway and realise I had been caught up in my head the whole time! I was missing the beautiful sunrise or forgetting to relish the peace of the early morning because I was too busy running through all the things I needed to do that day in my head ...

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