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How to throw yourself an Inner Peace Party + a FREE gift for you

I first experienced the power of ritual at a lovely women's circle in Bali in 2014. We arranged flowers, smudged with sage, said an invocation, meditated and passed around a talking stick as we shared. I absolutely loved it! All my attention was effortlessly focused in the present moment and afterwards I felt so nurtured, grounded and peaceful...

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Video | Sabotaging your Self Love | Part 3: Inner Critic

In Part 3 of my video series on Self Love sabotagers (Here's part 1 and part 2) I'm talking about the inner critic.

Understanding this concept has had such a profound impact on me - the realisation that we are not our thoughts but an observer of our thoughts is so SO powerful. Being able to distinguish between the voices of my head (ie. inner critic) and heart (ie. intuition) has helped me let go of emotional eating and anxiety, cultivate trust in my intuition and increased my self awareness by about a million percent...

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Video | Sabotaging Your Self Love | Part 1: Comparison |

In The Soul Sister Sessions, one of my favourite topics that we cover is Self Love. We break down what Self Love actually means, how we can practice it and how it can bring more ease into our lives. We also talk about what gets in the way of Self Love - because when we can spot the things that sabotage our Self Love we can start to watch happens when we're triggered into Self Hate or Self Negativity...

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Going Au Naturel: My DIY Natural Hair Care Routine

To follow on from last weeks post on my natural skincare routine, here are all my favourite natural tips, tricks and recipes for lovely healthy hair. I have blonde, curly hair which is prone to dryness and split ends but these natural treatments will be great for any hair type.

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