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Video: How to cut back on drinking without losing your social life

Wanting to cut back on alcohol is something lots of my friends and clients go through - and maybe it's something that's been on your mind as well!

I think we all get to a point where we're sick of partying and spending our weekends hungover, and as old and daggy as it makes us feel, we find ourselves prioritising an early yoga class over a big night out...

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Video | From Body Shame to Body Love

Body image stuff is something that all of us struggle with from time to time. In fact, as women, we often relate by sharing all the things we don't like about our body.

I had an experience recently where I watched a stuff-I-hate-about-my-body comparison fest unfold and it broke my heart. So let's talk about how we can move from body shame to body love...

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Video | Sabotaging Your Self Love | Part 1: Comparison |

In The Soul Sister Sessions, one of my favourite topics that we cover is Self Love. We break down what Self Love actually means, how we can practice it and how it can bring more ease into our lives. We also talk about what gets in the way of Self Love - because when we can spot the things that sabotage our Self Love we can start to watch happens when we're triggered into Self Hate or Self Negativity...

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7 fun ways to nurture your female friendships

Lately, I feel like discussions about the importance of cultivating amazing female friendships  has popped up again and again - with clients and friends alike. It’s so incredibly important for young women to take time to embrace their feminine side, and I've learnt that it's something a lot of us feel disconnected from ...

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