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Video: How to tell the difference between fear and intuition

Far and away, this is the most common question I am asked by my private clients and the goddesses who join me for my Inner Peace Party events.

Usually it's when they're faced with following a passion or a dream - they might be thinking of taking a trip, starting a business, or changing careers.

What usually happens next is they start to doubt themselves - is this really what I want? Won't I have to sacrifice a lot? What will people think. And they get stuck because they're not sure if this is their intuition telling them that the decision is a bad one OR if it's the inner critic trying to use fear to stop them in their tracks.

If you've ever been confused about whether your intuition or fear is running the show, this week's video will give you the tools to tell which is which...

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Video: How to master your moon cycle for inner peace

Today's video is about how learning to understand my moon (menstrual) cycle helped me find a deeper connection to my body, practice gentle self compassion, and trust my body. It is hands down one of the most empowering things I have ever done and I'm so excited to be sharing this info with you!

If you've ever berated yourself for not being consistent with exercise and healthy eating, wondered why you're an introvert one week and an extrovert the next week, and felt like your energy levels and moods are all over the place, this is a MUST watch...

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Video: How to harness the power of intuition

Cultivating a beautiful connection to my intuition has been one of the most life changing things I've ever done. I have so much trust in my inner wisdom and it means that I don't get caught up stressing about other people's opinions or overthinking what I 'should' have done...

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Video: How to Deal with Setbacks

So you're coasting along feeling great about your new meditation practice, healthy eating, or exercise routine. Maybe you're moving through a transition - a break up, a move, a new job - and you've been feel good and pretty on top of things. fall off the wagon, hard. You work yourself into a spiral of anxiety stalking your ex on social media. You go to town on junk food after a stressful day. You get totally hammered and wake up cringing at the things you did and said. You pick a fight with your partner, lash out at your mum, don't get to the gym for a week...

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Video | The spiritual practice you don't even know you're doing!

One of the things I love working on with my clients is making those more day-to-day tasks more intentional as a way of weaving more spiritual connection and ease into their lives. Really, there are lots of things we do all the time that can become super powerful be doing them with more intention - a great example is mindful eating, which I wrote about here.

In today's video I talk about a practice that I am sure each and every one of us does on the regular (some more than others I'm sure!). Have a watch...

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