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Video: How to stay out of the comparison trap (and feel great being YOU!)

Have you ever felt like you were kicking career goals like a boss, only to feel deflated when a friend tells you they just got a promotion? Have you headed out lately, feeling like a bit of a minx... until you spotted another girl looking babin'? Were you feeling happy and fabulous as a single gal, only to get a big old pang of loneliness when you see a school mate flashing an engagement ring on Facebook? Maybe you were feeling stoked about getting fitter and stronger - at least until you saw that girl at your gym bust out a set of chin ups...

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Podcast Interview: Connected & Conscious Relationships on the Heart Warrior Podcast

A little while ago I had a great time chatting to Daniella Pola, the creator of the Heart Warrior Podcast, about all things relationships. Dani and I covered so much ground in this interview and I still feel like we could have kept talking for hours - this is a big topic with lots of different angles! The theme of the interview is attracting and creating conscious romantic relationships and showing up as your most amazing self in every relationship in your life...

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Video: How to create amazing connections + become magnetic in your relationships

Relationships have been a huge topic for me lately with several of my private clients and girlfriends. The dynamic in romantic partnerships has always fascinated me - right from the first time I read Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus (!) years ago.

To start with, I thought I'd tell you a bit about my lovely man, Trav...

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Video | The spiritual practice you don't even know you're doing!

One of the things I love working on with my clients is making those more day-to-day tasks more intentional as a way of weaving more spiritual connection and ease into their lives. Really, there are lots of things we do all the time that can become super powerful be doing them with more intention - a great example is mindful eating, which I wrote about here.

In today's video I talk about a practice that I am sure each and every one of us does on the regular (some more than others I'm sure!). Have a watch...

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