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Heart Warrior Podcast Interview: Manifesting the sh*t out of your desires and getting clear on your life’s purpose

A little while ago I got together with Dani Pola, the host of the awesome Heart Warrior Podcast, and fellow coach Tracey Spencer to talk all things manifesting and purpose. We cover so much ground and there are so many juicy tips and tidbits in the episode...

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15 Books to Make You Healthier and Happier

Ever since I was a kid, I have been a total bookworm – I absolutely adore getting lots in a novel or opening my mind with some great non-fiction reading.

As an adult, books have been a huge part of my personal development journey – as I’m sure they are for most people! Today I’m sharing the books that have been the biggest game changers for me so that you have some great resources for your own journey…

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Video: The secret to manifesting your dream life

I feel like manifesting is popping up everywhere lately - I've been invited to events and had several crazy moments of manifesting lately (last week: a new pair of yoga pants and a printer, both for free! This week: a beautiful organic pedicure and new bamboo sheets). These are not huge life-changing, earth-shaking thinks, I know but they are proof that we can bring our desires into reality.

Manifesting is about knowing where you want to go, and acting on that daily. It's about aligning yourself with the flow of life so that you allow all the things you want to come into your life. You're desires are your desires because thse hings are coming for you and it's up to you to let them in. This video will help you understand how to do just that :)

I recently revised my goals and went through the process I talk about in this video and it's made a HUGE difference to myability to manifest my desires. I feel super aligned with my new desired feelings and things are flowing beautifully.

Want some of that awesome manifesting mojo in your life? Have a watch of this week's vid and I'll share my secrets with you....

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