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4 ways to find more happiness every day

Way too often, we put conditions on our happiness. We tell ourselves we’ll be happy when we get the pay rise/meet our soul mate/lose the weight/move into our dream home. We tell ourselves we’ll be happy later. We tell ourselves that happiness depends on our external appearance and success...

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Video: How to overcome your fears and follow your dreams

Have you got a big idea, a grand vision or a passion that you are desperate to pursue or share with the world?

Chances are, on the other side of that thing that's calling your soul is that dreaded four letter word - fear. And a whole lot of it.

The more we follow our heart, the more we will be called to show up and be who we truly are. The more we will need to trust ourselves and follow our gut. The more we will feel vulnerable. The more fear will rear it's head. In today's video, I'm sharing the most common fears I hear from my big-dreaming clients - and how we can overcome these fears and start making those dreams into reality...

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Video: What your self doubt is telling you...

Our inner critic has a fun little game it likes to play where it paralyses us with self doubt. If you've ever experienced self doubt, you'll know that this game isn't even the tiniest bit fun. Self doubt is frustrating and defeating - it just plain sucks.

But...if we're wanting to live an inspired life and dream big juicy dreams, self doubt is coming along for the ride...

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