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Video: How to heal your relationship with food

For years, I had a really tortured relationship with food and my body. Thinking about what I could and couldn't eat took up SO much of my mental energy. If I ate 'good' food, I was allowed to feel good. If I ate 'bad' food, I quickly descended into self loathing and would obsess over what I'd eat the following to make up for it.

I had no idea what it felt like to have a healthy relationship with food and I actually believed that I never would - I thought I'd always have to use willpower to 'stay on track' with my eating.

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Video: How I healed my relationship with food

Have you ever binged on food until you were so full you could burst? Have you vowed countless times to stay on a strict diet regime? Have you weighed yourself every day and only allowed yourself to feel good f the scales moved in the direction you wanted? Have you punished your body with super restrictive eating, overexercising, or extreme lengths to get to your 'goal weight'?...

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Video: The myth of willpower + my secret to unlimited motivation

When my lovely clients first come to me, they often lament their lack of willpower, blaming it for their on-again-off-again relationship with healthy eating, and practices like meditation and journaling. You've probably said it yourself - 'If only I had more willpower! If only I could be more disciplined! Then I'd be able to get healthy/lose weight/start that career/save money/etc.'

Here's the thing - relying on willpower will get us nowhere fast. It's a limited resource that often runs out (at about 3pm when someone brings treats into your office, am I right?!).

In this video, I'm blowing willpower out of the water - and telling you why you actually don't need it (at all!) to make your most amazing health and life happen. I'll be sharing how you can get motivated by using a force far more powerful than willpower that never gets depleted and that you can tap into any time...

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Video: How to start healing from emotional eating

Letting go of emotional and binge eating has been a HUGE part of my journey to self acceptance and true wellness on the inside and the outside! (Read more about it here if you like). If you're stuck in a cycle of emotional or binge eating, I feel you! It can be quite a soul destroying and disheartening place to be.

The good news is, you can let it go. You can get to a place where food has far less of an emotional weight and learn to eat only when your body needs to. In today's video, I'm sharing the very best place to begin when you're starting to heal emotional eating habits. This approach might surprise you and I'm betting it's something you haven't tried yet! I'm excited for you to experience the power in taking this step...

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Video | How to stop 'shoulding' all over yourself

Have you been shoulding all over yourself?

You know what your SHOULD be eating, what practices you SHOULD be doing on the daily, how you SHOULD be living your life - right?

But instead of taking action and making it all happen, you're overwhelmed and wracked with guilt because you can seem to made these new habits stick.

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