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Six habits of emotionally intelligent people

As a coach, many of my clients come to me feeling like they are unable to cope with their emotions. They feel overly sensitive and are fearful of experiencing any strong emotions. The problem here isn't in fact with their emotions - emotions are a part of life and they're not going anywhere!

The trouble is, we are given very few emotional coping skills as we grow up. As a child, no one sits us down and gives us productive ways to work with emotions so we have to make it up as we go along. Especially when we're dealing with a tricky time, these non-distinct coping strategies aren't much use! If we build our emotional intelligence, we give ourselves the tools to move through emotions with ease an grace.

There are lots of ways that we can build our emotional intelligence - here are 6 habits to start to include to give yours a boost:

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Can we be real for a moment...

If you’re a human being, you’ll have shitty days

Sometimes it’ll be shitty weeks or months.

Sometimes it'll be triggered by a big life event, disappointment or hurt. Sometimes it'll be triggered by something tiny, or something you can't even put your finger on at all.

Sometimes you’ll feel confused and overwhelmed. Sometimes you’ll get anxious and freaked out.

Sometimes you’ll forget everything you’ve learned and make the same mistake you were making years ago...

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Video: How to be a 24/7 abundance magnet

When it comes to manifesting and the Law of Attraction, one of the biggest concerns I hear from my Soul Sisters and private clients is about how difficult it is to manifest or feel positive when they're going through a rough time, or having a crappy day...

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